Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has admitted he expected to receive planning permission for his farm restaurant recently. He went into detail about the "horrific" meeting as he shared how he was left blindsided by the council's decision.

Jeremy had been planning a conversion of his lambing barn at his Oxfordshire farm into a cafe and restaurant.

The plans went before the local council last week as the Top Gear star said he wanted to diversify his business.

However, the decision was voted down on January 11 as the council ruled it would not be fitting with the Area of Outstanding Beauty.

Jeremy has now opened up about what happened in the meeting as he branded those he lost the bid to as "nimbys".

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The Clarkson's Farm presenter admitted in his latest column for The Sunday Times that he'd already begun preparations for the restaurant.

Jeremy had spent "thousands on advisers and landscape architects" for the plan.

He'd also run it through "the parish council, Thames Valley Police, Oxfordshire county council's transport division, West Oxfordshire district council's drainage division, their environmental health people and, especially, their very helpful business development department."

Jeremy went on to admit in the piece published today that he thought it would be a "shoo-in" that it would pass.

The presenter penned: "All of this meant the planning permission would be a shoo-in, so I bought the cows that would produce the beef we'd need, and built them a barn.

"I also built hen houses that would produce the eggs and my son gave up his job in London to come and make sauces from the chillies I was growing."

However, the presenter explained he was denied planning in the "horrific" meeting with the council.

Jeremy has vowed to attempt to overturn the decision by working with lawyers and other councillors.


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Elsewhere, Jeremy took aim at the BBC series Doctor Who in a recent piece.

The broadcaster penned his thoughts about why it had been losing so many viewers.

Writing in The Sun on January 7, he said: "Doctor Who is no longer written to entertain or frighten kids.

"It's used to lecture them about climate change and corporate greed and all the other go-to storylines in the BBC playbook.

"It's the same thing with just about everything they do these days, from the Six O'clock News to Countryfile.

"I watched a charming show by Sir Attenborough this week, about the noises birds and whales make.

"It was lovely. Right up to the end, when he played us an old recording of a bird that's now extinct due to, yes, you've guessed it, climate change and habitat loss."

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