Rebel Wilson has signed a record deal with Warner Music.

The new partnership would see the Jojo Rabbit star launch her own record label Rebellionaire, and release the soundtrack for her upcoming movie The Deb, reports Deadline.

Warner Music reportedly partnered with Rebel after hearing songs from the film: a musical set in Australia set to begin shooting in October.

The Deb - Rebel's directorial debut - also saw the 43-year-old actress lead the soundtrack and star.

The film would mark an onscreen adaptation of a theatre production, following three Australian girls whose lives take a dramatic turn when one of them is expelled from her privileged city school, according to a logline.

"Even though it's very uniquely Australian, it could have real impact overseas," Rebel told Deadline of The Deb. "The stage production was a deliberate development step for the film and a way to test the musical."

The Deb's soundtrack has been set to release next year alongside the film.

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