32 '90s Icons You've Forgotten (But Shouldn't Have)

Your childhood is calling.

Suits: the best scenes in Meghan Markle's law firm drama – from therapy sessions to workplace kisses

Suits: the best scenes in Meghan Markle's law firm drama – from therapy sessions to workplace kisses - The hit American legal drama made the Duchess of Sussex an international star

Joker: Folie À Deux Official Trailer

Failed comedian Arthur Fleck meets the love of his life, Harley Quinn, while incarcerated at Arkham State Hospital. Upon his release, the two of them embark on a doomed romantic misadventure.

15 of the best movies based on true stories

Romance? Drama? Horror? You got it!

Dua Lipa on Glastonbury, gay best friends and who she's become | My i-D

In the latest episode of My i-D, seven-time Brit and three-time Grammy award-winning pop star Dua Lipa takes us back through the whirlwind near-decade she's spent climbing her way to the top, and the grounding, personal moments that marked the journey. From her early years as a teenage girl dreaming about music, through to her landmark Glastonbury headline slot, Dua reflects upon it all. There's also some insight into the musician's phone habits and her gay friends, her fashion and style, and how she now finally feels like a grown up. 00:00 - 00:29 - Intro 00:30 - 00:58 - Becoming a pop star 00:58 - 01:22 - Her gay friends and fashion 01:23 - 01:40 - Her songwriting trust circle 01:41 - 02:30 - The making of Radical Optimism 02:31 - 03:01 - Headlining Glastonbury 03:02 - 03:25 - Overcoming hurdles 03:26 - 03:40 - Feeling like a grown up 03:41 - 04:08 - Nostalgia and reflection Director - Stanley Brock Creative Director - Liam Goslett DOP - Jack Reynolds Interviewer - Douglas Greenwood

18 of the funniest songs in music history

Whether unintentionally funny or raucous on purpose, there are plenty of songs across the genres that will inspire a chuckle or two. Considering that music tackles pretty much every human emotion, it's perhaps not a surprise that comedy also makes plenty of appearances. Flip through the slideshow below for 18 of music's funniest tunes.

I Saw the TV Glow review – 90s telly-addict chiller set to be future classic

Cinephiles lie awake at night worrying that talented young film-makers are deserting cinema for TV. Jane Schoenbrun, one of the most gifted around, has just made a superb feature film about a fictional TV show, imagined here with such loving and unnerving intensity that it surely can’t be long before they are called upon to conjure up a dozen or so episodes for real. With a compelling cod-90s score by Schoenbrun’s musical collaborator Alexander...

Steve Wright: What is peritonitis and how can it kill?

Steve Wright: What is peritonitis and how can it kill? - DJ Steve Wright died from acute peritonitis and a perforated gastric peptic ulcer, according to his death certificate

Olympics fans slam controversial new sport: 'Not interested, no thanks'

'I tried to watch it... Not interesting.'

Dua Lipa rakes in profit for production firm as global popularity soars

Dua Lipa's increasing popularity across the world saw her production company rake in more than £20m in profit, it has been revealed.

25 Hilarious Dan Aykroyd Quotes From Classic '80s Movies

Dan Aykroyd's career was thriving in the 1980s, so let's look back at some of the funniest quotes from his classic movies.

Gabby Logan reflects on confidence-knock after ITV Sports ‘gave her job to a man’

Gabby Logan reflects on confidence-knock after ITV Sports ‘gave her job to a man’ - BBC presenter reflected on ‘cloud’ over ITV departure in 2006

LEGO Conveyex Transport Heist from Solo: A Star Wars Story

Top 10 LEGO Star Wars Creations: Beyond the Brick's Joshua Hanlon talks with Patrick Durham about his LEGO scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Follow Patrick on Instagram: 🏰Top 10 LEGO Castles: 🚀Top 10 LEGO Spaceships: 🎖️Top 10 LEGO WWII Creations: ➡️ This video is brought to you by Bricks & Minifigs. Find a Bricks & Minifigs store near you: Get the exclusive Bricks Are My Sport T-shirt! Available at participating Bricks & Minifigs stores and the Bricks & Minifigs website: 💰Help us continue to make videos by using our Amazon affiliate link. There's no extra cost to you! Just click this link, search for the item you want, and check out like normal: (Thanks for your support!) Intro animation by Monitogo Studios Intro music by Xythe Other music by Kevin MacLeod at -- Merch - Contact us: beyondthebricktv(at) Subscribe on YouTube - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook -

‘I lied to get the part’: Melvyn Hayes on his ‘angry young man’ beginnings – and It Ain’t Half Hot Mum

One day in 1957, Melvyn Hayes was on the set of a film called Woman in a Dressing Gown when a man sat down next to him. “I was getting paid £5 a day and I’d been on location for three days,” the actor recalls. “All I had to do was walk up to a house and put a newspaper through a letterbox. That was my part. Finished. I said to this bloke, ‘I can’t believe the waste of money on this film. Take me. You could have got a newspaper boy on £1 a day to...

Thelma review – all-action ninetysomething hero brings comic revenge romp to life

At 93, Thelma (a likable, mischievous turn from veteran actress June Squibb), might not be as light on her feet as she used to be, but mentally she’s still sharp. Which is why, when she is conned out of her savings by a telephone scam artist, she decides to take action. Driving across town on a borrowed mobility scooter, the indomitable Thelma seeks justice. Meanwhile, her panicking family shriek at each other in a way that is probably meant to...

‘Some bands are really taking the mick’: Paul Heaton’s plan to make the £35 arena tour pay

Pop concerts these days can be breathtakingly expensive. Prices for a ticket for Taylor Swift’s soon-to-return sold-out Wembley Stadium shows this summer ranged from £59 to £195, with VIP packages reaching £662. Available tickets to see Irish group The Corrs at Glasgow’s OVO Hydro arena in November cost between £77 and £193, including fees. Meanwhi...

Twisters director answers lingering question fans had about link to the original Twister

Twisters director answers lingering question fans had about link to the original Twister - New blockbuster is a sequel to the 1996 disaster movie

Notable American music artists/bands who found greater success abroad

Just because an American-born musician(s) don't find long, consistent commercial or critical success in the United States doesn't mean all hope is lost.

NIKE x KINJAZ "Air Sesh" | A Shoe Designed For Dancers

***[ READ DESCRIPTION ]*** This video was originally created as part of a presentation for the release of our collaboration with Nike, The "AIR SESH" - A Shoe Designed For Dancers. We've decided to upload this on the 2 year anniversary of the official release of the Air Sesh. :) The shoe sold out pretty quickly, but if you're curious here's a link: ALSO, in this era where the landscape dance concept video has virtually disappeared, we would ask that you watch this video with headphones on, or on a big screen. Thanks y'all. "AIR SESH" Created by: The Kinjaz Directed by: Jon Shih, Mike Song, Vinh Nguyen Choreographed & Performed by: Mike Song, Vinh Nguyen, Tony Tran, Bam Martin, Darren Wong, Steven "Villn" Lor, Michael "Mpact" Lor, Charles Nguyen, Ben Chung, Jawn Ha, Logan "Logistx" Edra, Bailey Sok, Shannon Kelly Filmed & Edited by: Jon Shih, Chad Mayate, Gerald Nonato, Jonnelle Monzon Motion Control Camera & Edit by: Ms Robot (Dan Fisher, Ed Park, Richard Tranley) Produced by: Addy Chan Asst Producers: Dani Chang, Gabri Nguyen Production Assistants: John Kim, Colin Lau Wardrobe by: NIKE, KIN Aesthetik Music by: Troyboi "Favorite" / BAYNK "Kiss Me" / Jason Lin "Intro" Management: LeeJ Razalan Special Thanks: Anthony Lee, Tinker Hatfield, Risha Dupre, Cevo Vultaggio, Blue Ribbon Sports FOLLOW OUR JOURNEY IG: @Kinjaz Tiktok: @Kinjazofficial Email: [email protected]

Comedian Catherine Cohen: ‘I had a stroke at 31 – my brain felt like I’d short-circuited’

“I’m feeling a little loopy today, I think I should eat something,” says Catherine Cohen, fluttering a menu with all the camp ­drama of a burlesque dancer wielding a feathered fan. Best known in the UK for her 2022 Netflix stand-up special, The Twist..? She’s Gorgeous – which sees her prancing about in a flouncy pink frock while singing “Boys never...

The Most Underrated TV Shows Ever

Under-the-radar gems that never got the fanfare they deserved.

Daisy Edgar-Jones Is Producing Her First Film

The 'Normal People' actor will be working behind the camera, rather than in front of it

18 iconic songs you had no idea almost tanked

When you see this list of songs, you'll be surprised at which of your favorite bangers had a rough start.

So good, so good, so good: Destiny’s Child’s greatest songs – ranked!

20. Temptation (1999) There is no getting around the fact that Temptation is a deeply weird idea on paper: a dreamy ballad about contemplating infidelity (“I’ma write your number in the palm of my hand / Oops, I forgot I got a man”) with a melody stolen from the children’s song This Old Man. But the strangest thing about it may be how well it works. 19. Brown Eyes (2001) Amid the Survivor album’s Stevie Nicks samples and futuristic beats, Brown...

Quit your day job: Actors who had other careers prior to acting

“Don’t quit your day job!” This is something skeptics say often, but some actors did not heed that advice. Many actors had success in other fields when their acting careers started to take off. Here are some of the actors who left other gigs by the wayside to keep us entertained.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire - Movie Review

The Ghostbusters sequel to the Ghostbusters "remaquel" is out! How does it hold up? Here's my review for GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE! #Ghostbusters #GhostbustersFrozenEmpire

20 films about real-life people that are riddled with inaccuracies

Biopics are incredibly popular, but unfortunately, not all have gotten the details right. These 20, in particular, are said to have gotten some of the details horribly wrong.

25 of the Most Iconic Hollywood Friendships

Some have been going strong for decades.

The 10 best Final Fantasy games, ranked: what should you play first?

The 10 best Final Fantasy games, ranked: what should you play first? - Yes, we're aware this may be controversial

Comedy is harder now because you can’t make jokes about being foreign, says Maureen Lipman

Finding funny material is hard these days as you can’t make jokes about being foreign, according to Jewish TV sitcom star Dame Maureen Lipman. The 78-year-old actor and comedian said creating comedy is difficult as in this day and age you “can’t look down on anybody”. Rightly or wrongly, the comedy world has changed, she said She told the Rosebud p...

Timothée as Spider-Man?: 15 actors who just avoided career-destroying roles

Timothée as Spider-Man?: 15 actors who just avoided career-destroying roles - THE COUNTDOWN: Matthew McConaughey in ‘Speed 2’? Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Doctor Strange’? Charlize Theron in ‘Showgirls’? Adam White has run down some of the most shocking what-might-have-beens in Hollywood history

Why Do Movies Actually Have Ratings?

Movie Ratings today seem like a standard way studios let audiences know what is appropriate for certain ages. Though this seemingly arbitrary system has a deep history of censorship in Hollywood. From the early days of The Hayes Code and it's evolution into the movie ratings system we have today, it seems there are different rules for different players when it comes to releasing feature films. But how exactly did we get to where we are today, and do we even need the movie rating system anyay? #movies #movierating #nerdstalgic Sources:

20 binge-worthy documentaries to keep you on the edge of your seat

Trust us. We know all about entertaining TV shows you can binge-watch . But what about documentaries? Look no further. Our list of 20, which tell the stories of mysterious murders, corruption, and religious cults, is sure to have you telling Netflix, "I'm still watching."

Legendary musician dies aged 90

First Minister hails retiring Andy Murray as ‘our greatest ever sportsman’

First Minister hails retiring Andy Murray as ‘our greatest ever sportsman’ - The 37-year-old announced on Tuesday morning that he would be retiring from tennis after the Paris Olympics.

Abi Carter: Her Story And Her Platinum Ticket Surprise! - American Idol 2024

Let's remember when we first met our American Idol winner, Abi Carter! See more of American Idol 2024 on our official site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC. American Idol 2024 Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, for the historic 22nd season.

Watch: Ozzy Osbourne stars in Aston Villa’s kit reveal

Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler played their last concert together as members of Black Sabbath in 2017, but have been reunited through their shared love of Aston Villa. The club enlisted the singer, one of Birmingham’s favourite sons, and his long-time bassist to launch their new kit for the 2024-25 season. Their band’s most famous song Paranoid is...

Our Fascinating Planet Series Binge, Part 4: Earth (featuring Demetri Martin)

Gifted educator and prolific television presenter Ted Rimmarniet explores unsolved mysteries of our home planet. Subscribe now: Get more Funny Or Die ------------------------------- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok:

Nico Rosberg slams Max Verstappen for his 3am sim racing activities in Hungary

"It just shows that he's too used to his ease of domination."

Swifties swarm Wembley Stadium as sold out show of 90,000 gets underway

Today is the first of three sold out dates at Wembley, with the international sensation Taylor Swift returning in August to perform another five.

Deadpool & Wolverine review – Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s sarky gagathon mocks the MCU back to life

Can the ailing Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise be redeemed with a metric tonne of frantically self-aware comedy? Now that fewer and fewer people care, can this summer tent pole persuade them to have a laugh at what they used to care about? Can the superhero genre get back on top with a gag riot from Ryan Reynolds’s wisecracking crime fighter Deadpool in an odd-couple action bromance with Hugh Jackman’s wizened Wolverine as his straight man,...

House of the Dragon star says unexpected same-sex kiss scene happened ‘organically’

House of the Dragon star says unexpected same-sex kiss scene happened ‘organically’ - Sonoya Mizuno spoke about Mysaria’s intimate moment with Emma D’Arcy’s Rhaenyra in ‘Smallfolk’

Stop joking about Netflix’s games and start playing them

Don’t let a good thing pass you by, even by accident

Krysten Anderson 2024 Season Recap | Monster Jam

Get ready for high-octane thrills and monstrous stunts in this epic compilation of Krysten Anderson's incredible 2024 Monster Jam season! Join us as we relive every heart-pounding moment, from jaw-dropping jumps to gravity-defying flips, showcasing Krysten's unparalleled skill and fearless determination behind the wheel of the iconic Grave Digger truck. #monsterjam #Trucks #MonsterTrucks ►Subscribe Link: ►Become a Monster Jam Member for exclusive content here: About Monster Jam: There’s no other monster truck competition in the world like the one and only Monster Jam. It’s where you’ll see the world’s best drivers and most popular trucks, including Grave Digger®, Megalodon®, El Toro Loco®, Zombie® and Max-D®. Monster Jam travels the globe, bringing big-time family fun everywhere it goes. The fun begins at the Pit Party, before the action moves to the track, where drivers tear up the dirt in racing, skills and freestyle competitions. With over 250+ event annually, Monster Jam is full-throttle fun for everyone. And when the event is over, there are toys, games and plenty of other ways to keep the fun going at home. Monster Jam. As Big As It Gets!™ TICKETS & MERCH ► Get official merch at ► Buy Live Event Tickets: ►Link to website: Find us on social: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on X (Formerly Twitter): Follow Us on Instagram: Follow Us on tiktok: Krysten Anderson 2024 Season Recap | Monster Jam

The Kokomo calamity: how The Beach Boys’ most detested song was made

Frank Marshall and Thom Zimny’s new Disney + documentary about The Beach Boys chronicles the group’s extraordinary adventures in pop – from the early success of singles such as Surfin’ to Brian Wilson’s mental health struggles at the peak of their fame. Amid the surf, sun and spectacle, however, one thing is conspicuously glossed over– the release ...

Stranger Things criticised after Millie Bobby Brown makes point about her age

With the final season of Stranger Things on the horizon, there is massive anticipation for the conclusion of the hit Netflix show. The latest season (four) released in 2022 is the second-most-viewed series on the streaming giant with over 140,700,000 views. Plus, there is an award-winning stage production based on the show and plans for different s...

Bridgerton season 4 reveals new romantic lead

Bridgerton season 4 reveals new romantic lead - Another Bridgerton is entering the marriage mart

Eno review – stimulating and cerebral look at the high priest of art-tech experimentalism

If anyone could get away with presenting a “generative documentary” rather than a bog-standard bio-doc, it would have to be Brian Eno, the high priest of art-tech experimentalism. This film promises to be different every time it’s shown, thanks to software that randomly selects different scenes (with bleepy, glitchy little interludes to remind us what’s it’s doing). The gimmick is entirely on-brand for Eno, who has been dabbling in generative...

Olympic torch relay: Paris route includes stop at Moulin Rouge cabaret

The torch relay ahead of the Paris Olympics reached the French capital for the first time on Sunday, with organisers hoping to build enthusiasm for the Games among the city's sceptical residents. Moulin Rouge Dancer Allie Goodbun, who performed along with other can-can dancers as the Olympic torch passed through Paris with a stop at the famed cabaret, speaks to FRANCE 24.

Abdul Fakir: Last original Four Tops member dies aged 88

Abdul Fakir: Last original Four Tops member dies aged 88 - Abdul Fakir died on Monday of heart failure, according to a family spokesperson, with his wife and other loved ones by his side