A member of McFly was struggling with such nerves before auditioning for the band he puked.

Dougie Poynter, 35, failed to impress his future fellow bandmates Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Danny Jones after their first meeting so much so they actually turned him down.

Appearing on Thursday’s The One Show, the foursome, who are preparing to make a comeback with a reunion tour and brand-new album Power To Play, spoke about their early days.

Host Alex Jones, 46, who was joined by co-presenter Roman Kemp, 30, asked the All About You hitmakers about their first impressions of each other and Dougie certainly made a lasting one.

Tom explained: ‘I remember first seeing Dougie. We saw a photo and we thought he looked really cool.

‘But he was so nervous, he came in to audition for me and Danny, and he was so nervous he had been sick in the bin outside of the audition.’

Dougie replied: ‘Yeah. And I got stuck on a loop as well. I just kept playing the Billie Jean bass line just over and over.’

‘So we had to stop him,’ Tom continued, with Alex commenting: ‘But you must have liked him?’

Tom revealed: ‘No. We said no to him.’

Joking, he remarked: ‘I don’t actually know how he ended up in the band.’

Laughing, Dougie jibed: ‘I’m still not really in [the band].’

McFly, who formed in London in 2003, nearly went down another musical route after previously telling they were ‘really pursued’ by Eurovision a decade ago.

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Harry explained: ‘They were really trying to get us to do it, but it wasn’t right for us.

He added that Sam Ryder has ‘brought credibility back to the UK’ in the competition, which he is ‘grateful for,’ but that said, ‘it’s a good place for new artists to be discovered’ rather than an established band like McFly to take on.

Then again, ‘it’s a difficult one because it’s a great platform, you get seen by European countries – I guess never say never.’

The One Show airs on BBC One from 7pm on weekdays.

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