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Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi has spoken on Leyla Cavanagh's motive for possibly attacking Caleb Miligan in upcoming scenes.

The soap is set to launch a new whodunnit next week as Caleb is struck and pushed over the edge of a woodland ridge, which comes after his lies are exposed to the village over his scheme to take Home Farm, turning the residents against him.

Caleb and Leyla have shared a romantic connection since he's been in the Dales, though Roxy revealed that when his lies are exposed, Leyla feels "foolish".

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“She feels foolish because even though the relationship is only in its early stages she fell for him quite quickly and she thought that there might be a glimmer of a future together," the actress said.

"Something that really appealed to her was that he seemed really straight talking, so to find out that he is a completely different person just leaves her feeling completely foolish.”

Caleb does apologise to her "more than once" over his deception, Roxy noting: "She does feel that his feelings are genuine and she is very much tempted to forgive him once she hears the full story and it's got some context.

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"She is very forgiving. I think really her main concern is wanting to know that his feelings were genuine and I think everything else she can forgive at this stage.”

However, as Leyla begins to forgive Caleb, she learns that he slept with Charity, which for Leyla "is worse than finding out he is a completely different person".

"That for her is confirmation that he mustn’t have cared about her at all if he could do that," she said. "That hits her much harder!”

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In the wake of the attack, a number of villagers are in the line of suspicion – including Leyla – and speaking about her character's movements at the time of Caleb's fall, Roxy admitted: “She doesn't have an alibi and she’s out of the house late at night. She is also absolutely furious with him!”

She further teased of her potential motivation for murder: “I think it wouldn’t be a premeditated murder, but I can see them getting into a heated argument especially if Leyla has fallen off the wagon [with drugs] or had a drink. She could become very emotional and accidents could happen quite easily.”

The star went on to admit that playing the whodunnit storyline has been "really fun", adding: "I am enjoying working with Will Ash (Caleb), he is so considerate, kind and professional. It's been a breeze and a delight to work with him.”

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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