Stephen Bear’s fiancée Jessica Smith filmed herself visiting her partner in prison - and came close to committing an offence in the process.

Stephen, who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 and is now on the Sex Offenders Register, was jailed for 21 months earlier this month for sharing a private sex video of ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison on OnlyFans.

Following his sentencing, Jessica made a visit to see boyfriend Stephen in prison and documented the process on social media.

In a video posted on TikTok, captioned "come with me on a visit to see my boyf," she can be seen getting ready for the day.

The video shows Jessica putting the kettle on, feeding her dogs and putting on an outfit, performing a “fit check” so she can “look cute” for her visit.

The next clip shows the outside of the visitors waiting area, before the video shows her visitor wristband after being “checked in” for her visit.

The last clip of the montage reads: "So good to see him but sad cos I can't see him for another two weeks."

Jessica and disgraced star Stephen are believed to have sparked up a romance in May 2021.

According to the Prison Act 1952, it is “an offence” to record video inside a prison without permission.

Section F1 40D of the Prison Act 1952 states that “other offences relating to prison security” include: "A person who, without authorisation—

"(a)takes a photograph, or makes a sound-recording, inside a prison, or

"(b) transmits, or causes to be transmitted, any image [F2, sound or information] from inside a prison by electronic communications for simultaneous reception outside the prison, is guilty of an offence.”

A Home Office source told MailOnline that Jessica has narrowly dodged breaking the rule, as she filmed herself inside the waiting room rather than fully inside the prison.

OK! has contacted Jessica for comment.

Meanwhile, Georgia Harrison has received huge praise for speaking out on her revenge porn ordeal and waiving her anonymity to do so.

The Love Island star has filmed a documentary about the case, which will air on ITV next week.

Announcing the film, Georgia told her social media followers: "I was silenced for over 2 years now I finally have the chance to show you the journey I had to go on to get to this point.

"There was a lot of interest from the get go about making a documentary on this subject and I couldn’t be happier to announce @itv @itvxofficial will be showing it on the 20 March at 10pm on itv2.

"Itv made me the person I am today from Towie, to love island to this and there is no one i would trust more to handle such a sensitive part of my life."

She added: "More information to follow but since it’s out in the press I thought I should let my followers know as you guys have supported me so much to get to this point. Thank you."


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