The first three episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six dropped on Amazon Prime Video on Friday (3rd March) and we’re already obsessed. But if you’ve read the book that the show is based on, by Taylor Jenkins Reid, you may have noticed a few differences between the TV show and it so far.

Now, it is to be expected that some things will change when adapting a book for a TV series or movie but we’ve rounded up all the differences that we’ve noticed – from the big to the small.

In the book Daisy Jones is seemingly her real name

In the book, even Daisy’s parents call her by the name that we know her as. But in the show, we see her mother originally refer to her as Margaret, when she is a child. It’s only when Daisy starts writing music in her diary that she gives herself the rock star moniker.

Camila meets Billy at a laundromat, not a bar, in the show

In the show Camila and Billy have their ‘meet cute’ in a laundromat. While in the book, they actually meet at a hotel bar, where Camila is working as a waitress and Billy is finishing up a wedding gig at the hotel.

Karen is British in the TV show

On the page, Karen is seemingly from the Pittsburgh area, much like the rest of The Six. But in the TV adaptation, Karen is now British, with actress and model Suki Waterhouse playing up her own native accent.

Chuck Williams and Pete Loving are now one person – Chuck Loving

Two members of the band from the book – Chuck Williams and Pete Loving – were combined into one singular character in the TV show. He’s the one who decides to go to college to study dentistry instead of joining the band as they make their way to California.

Eddie has very specific reasons for resenting Billy

If you’ve read the book, you’ll probably remember a whole lot of complaining coming from Eddie. But the show highlights what may motivate him to be jealous and resentful towards Billy in particular.

We see that Eddie had a crush on Camila before she met Billy, while also being forced to play bass when Chuck quits the band. And when it looks like Billy won’t be returning to The Six – another new plotline that we only see in the show – Eddie throws his hat into the ring to be his replacement. But ultimately, this is found to be laughable by the rest of the band.

Billy has to chase Teddy Price in the show

In the pages of the book, The Six are discovered by record producer Teddy Price when he sees them playing and proceeds to have them sign a record deal with him.

However, on the show, it’s a chance encounter outside a market that sees Teddy first introduced to Billy and in turn the band, when Billy gives him a speech that convinces him to come along and hear them play.

The documentary is only 20 years after the band break up in the show

As the majority of the action is set in the 1970s, when we read the interview in the book it is supposed to take place around 2016. So, it’s a good number of years between the band’s final concert and when they sit down to give their account of the tumultuous times.

Yet, in the show, the rock documentary segments take place in the late 1990s. So around twenty years after the band ultimately implodes.

Speaking to EW, showrunner Scott Neustadter says, “the one obvious change is that Taylor's writing about 70-year-olds looking back on their lives in their 20s. We wanted to accelerate the story a little bit." Because of this, the cast didn’t need to undergo quite as extreme makeup and prosthetics to highlight the passing of time.

Simone’s sexuality

Simone plays a much larger part in the TV show compared to the book, with her career and life being explored. There is no mention of Simone’s sexuality within the pages but we do see her fall in love with a woman, Bernie, on-screen.

Billy definitely kisses Daisy in the show

You’re led to draw your own conclusions about Daisy and Billy's relationship when reading the book, with Daisy ultimately leaning in to kiss Billy and him pulling back and choosing to go home to Camila instead.

But in the show, we see the pair kiss right before Daisy records the song ‘More Fun to Miss.’

Camila is a photographer and takes the album cover shot

Camila becomes a photographer on the show and her career starts when she accidentally shoots the album cover for Aurora. You may also have noticed that the pictorial opening credits are actually from Camila's perspective.

Karen and Graham get together at different times

We see Graham and Karen sleep together for the first time after a day at the beach. But in Reid's novel, the pair first get together on tour, with them keeping their romance a secret for as long as they possibly can. The opposite happens on-screen, as Karen openly tells the rest of the band about their relationship.

Daisy goes to Thailand and Italy, not Greece, in the book

If you've read the book, you may remember that Daisy jets off to Thailand, where she meets Nicky, with them then going to Italy before she returns for the tour. However, in the show, she lands in Greece.

The story also takes a bit of a detour from the source material at this point in the show too, with Simone and Bernie coming to rescue Daisy, only to arrive in time for Daisy's wedding to Nicky. The friends also get into a major fight about Daisy's future and Daisy accuses Simone of having a crush on her.

We can’t wait to see what happens in the next set of episodes to drop on the streaming platform.

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