EastEnders fans have demanded the removal of a ‘creepy’ female character as they say she is ‘up to something’ and they cannot bear to look at her. Emma Harding, played by Patsy Kensit, is the long lost biological mother of Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold).

She initially arrived on the Square after being tracked down by Billy (Perry Fenwick) who was hoping to convince her to attend Lola's wedding. Despite declining his invitation, Emma later changed her mind about getting to know her daughter. She booked an appointment with Lola at the salon under the fake name Nicole.

And as they got chatting, she learned Lola was dying from a terminal brain tumour. The hairdresser also mentioned that little Lexi (Isabella Brown) was being teased at school by a girl called Maisie.

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In response, Emma waited outside Lexi’s school and threatened the bully, before posting money through Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and Lola’s letterbox. Eventually Lola worked out that Emma was behind both acts and demanded to know who she was.

Emma then revealed her true identity as her mother and explained that she never meant to leave her all those years ago. Rather, she suffered abuse at the hands of Lola’s father and was hospitalised. She claimed that after being discharged, she went back to the family home and found Lola and her dad gone.

And while she tried to find Lola, she was unsuccessful. At first the hairdresser was angry and rejected her mother’s allegations. But as Emma drove away, Lola ran after the car and begged her to stay.

Since then, she has been flashing the cash, paying for Jay and Lola’s honeymoon, as well as supporting her daughter at various appointments. But there appears to be a darker undertone to her seemingly good intentions - she nearly broke Jay and Lola up this week when she saw Jay talking to a girl and got the wrong end of the stick.

Moreover, upcoming scenes will see her make Lexi cry as she interferes with the little girl’s Mother’s Day plans. It’s fair to say fans are fed up of Emma, and they are calling for her to be removed immediately. In a post on Facebook, one wrote: “Sorry but that Emma is getting on my nerves. I’m glad Lexi tells her.”

“Get rid of her, can’t stand to look at her,” another chimed in, while a third said; “Emma seems a bit creepy to me and up to something.” A fourth commented: “I wish she would stop being so pushy.” And a fifth penned: “Typical narcissistic mother.”

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