Sunday Brunch presenters were forced to apologise this morning as a guest said a 'bad word'. Viewers were left in stitches as comedian Lucy Beaumont didn't realise her mistake.

The actress, well-known for her show Meet the Richardsons with husband Jon Richardson, slipped up as she swore on the live Channel 4 show today (Sunday, March 19). Lucy admitted she wasn't even sure if she'd sworn as the presenters asked if she'd said a 'bad word'.

The guests were in stitches as Tim Lovejoy apologised on Lucy's behalf. And viewers of the show even admitted they 'love it' when the guests accidentally swear.

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Tim asked Lucy if she has any hobbies or fitness regimes to which she hilariously replied, "I stress out about things." Talking about how she thinks living in "an anxious state" and worrying "about dieing" is good for her metabolism she said: "It all goes right through me to be honest," and joked she comes on Sunday Brunch because the guests get "lots of breaks". However, joking about the various food and drinks served to them she added: "And I'll be p**sed too won't I?"

Lucy sat beside BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James as she struggled to remember if she'd said a swear word or not when Tim asked if she'd said a "bad word", saying: "Sorry, I don't know - I'm not sure." The comedian also added: "I've been in Tenerife all week" as she apologised on the Sunday morning TV show. Greg laughed as he sarcastically asked if the show was live and if they were on TV.

Their fellow guests were in hysterics and one viewer took to Twitter to say: "Love it when a guest forgets they're live on TV and accidentally swears like Lucy Beaumont and Toni Collette both did on #SundayBrunch." Another wrote: "Lucy Beaumont , comedy gold , #SundayBrunch."

One viewer also put: "Great start Lucy #SundayBrunch @SundayBrunchC4," with a string of crying-laughing face emojis. And another said: "P-Bomb #SundayBrunch." Less impressed, another viewer wrote: "She did say a 'bad word', we all heard it... #SundayBrunch."

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