Coronation Street star Erin Austen, who fans may recognise as Crystal on the show, has teased that some “incredible twists” lie ahead for our favourite cobbles stars amid the ongoing acid attack storyline.

At the start of last week, everything seemed to have been going brilliantly for Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), as he struck up a bond with fellow DJ, Crystal, a music promoter from Ibiza.

Bonding over a shared love of music, there was clearly some chemistry between the pair, with the duo even swapping numbers in the hope of connecting and maybe heading out to the island together.

But in a shocking twist on Monday’s episode, while helping his pal Daisy Midgley (Charlotte Jordan) prepare for her wedding, Ryan became the unlikely victim in a devastating acid attack, as he stepped in front of Daisy to protect her from a glass of acid that was being thrown at her by her stalker Justin.

The cobbles villain had targeted Daisy for weeks, and was convinced they could be together if he attacked her on her wedding day to groom Daniel Osborne (Rob Mallard).

Now facing the prospect of his life-changing injuries, and permanent facial scarring, Ryan has understandably been less than keen to deal with people he knows, much less pursue a relationship with a relative stranger.

Yet after a pep talk on Wednesday from Daisy, fans are convinced that a romance could potentially bloom between the barmaid and the DJ, especially given how he jumped in to save her.

Eagle-eyed fans first spotted the clue last week, when Ryan refused to see anyone in the hospital, but somehow allowed Daisy in to see him.

Haunted by guilt at the circumstances surrounding Ryan’s injuries, Daisy attempted to bring a little joy to her ailing pal, and even managed to get him to crack a smile - with some fans convinced it’s only a matter of time before their friendship blooms into something more.

"I think a relationship is going to occur," wrote one fan, whilst another added: "Daisy & Daniel sorry it’s a no go there! Right from the start it’s been a shambles, Not meant to be , As for Daisy & Ryan they will help each other through this …. Fall in love again!”

A third viewer shared: "I sense Daisy will have a lot of guilt with this. A lot. I also hope it brings them closer. Daisy is deserving of a man who treats her kindly and with respect.”

They then continued: “No disrespect to the character of Daniel, but he has not been the kindest/most charming/supportive to Daisy during their romance.”

And now, actress Erin has added further fuel to the fire by teasing that plenty of huge twists will soon be on the way.

Teasing what's to come for her character and Ryan amid the acid attack storyline, she told the Liverpool Echo: "You’ll have to keep watching and trust me when I say there are some incredible twists coming up.”

During the chat, Erin also shared a sneaky insight into what working on the iconic soap has been like, as she explained: "Everyone from the security guards, catering staff and every single cast member made me feel so welcome. "

"They are genuinely the nicest bunch of people I have ever met. The cast and crew are so committed, so talented - it is like a slick well oiled machine."


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