Adept actress Sheridan Smith was just confirmed as the star of the upcoming West End show Opening Night.

The new production is a brand new musical, featuring tunes and lyrics from Rufus Wainwright - one of his generation's most accomplished singer-songwriters.

Even more exciting is that Opening Night is based on the 1977 film of the same name, which originally starred Gena Rowlands, Ben Gazzara and Joan Blondell.

This "strictly limited run" will kick off on March 6, 2024, and will be taking place at London's iconic Gielgud Theatre.

Here's all the information you need on buying tickets to Opening Night right now:

Tickets for Opening Night starring Sheridan Smith are out right now.

You can purchase yours from a number of online retailers, including London Theatre Direct and Ticketmaster. Here's the breakdown:

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Some of these tickets are available for just £25 a seat - but these discounted tickets are expected to sell out extremely quickly.

As a result, fans are advised to grab theirs while they can.

If you need more information on the show, here's everything you need to know:

Opening Night is going to be held at London's Gielgud Theatre for its limited run.

The show will begin on March 6, 2024, and will be extremely short-lived, ending in July.

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Opening Night is based on the 1977 John Cassavetes film of the same name and follows the events that take place in a theatre company.

The theatre is working on staging a major new play on Broadway, but drama - naturally - sends the entire production into turmoil.

The show's leading lady (played by Sheridan Smith) is "rocked by tragedy", and her personal issues force everyone to deal with her issues at hand.

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