On Saturday night, ITV viewers tuned in to watch another batch of superfans transform into their singing icons. The second series of Starstruck has seen Shania Twain become a huge hit with fans of the show after she replaced actress Sheridan Smith to sit alongside panellists Adam Lambert, Beverley Knight and Jason Manford. Although when the 57-year-old appeared to be missing from the most recent episode, viewers weren't happy.

During the latest instalment of the hit ITV competition, fans got to see four more teams battle it out for a place in the final.

People were transformed into the likes of Frank Sinatra, Kate Bush, Bruno Mars and Rihanna as they did their best to impress.

However, viewers were taken aback when they learned that the newest member on the panel, Canadian superstar Shania Twain, was being replaced for the episode.

Instead, fans got to see Irish pop legend and TV presenter Ronan Keating sit in her usual spot alongside Adam Lambert, Beverley Knight and Jason Manford.

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Speaking about the stand-in, Queen singer Adam Lambert commented: "I'm a bit Starstruck myself."

Ronan added: "I'm going to do my best to fill Shania's shiny boots."

Before officially welcoming him onto the show, presenter Olly Murs addressed the singer's absence and revealed the reason why she wasn't able to be there.

He said: "Shania's off tending to superstar duties in Vegas, I mean it's tough being a global icon."

Confessing he was excited to be part of Starstruck, Ronan commented: "I've been speaking to Shania over the last few weeks and she's been telling me how much she loves this show."

Unfortunately, many fans were left disappointed with Shania not being part of the episode as one fumed it had ruined their day.

Taking to Twitter, GagaForCher said: "I'm still in shock, I was looking forward to my Shania fix all day."

Ruthabram added: "Where the chuff is Shania?!"

TheRealZoeMBE fumed: "How dare Shania Twain be in vegas and not on this episode of starstruck. Ruined my day."

JamieTVandNews commented: "Ronan replacing Shania for the next 2 weeks. Let the insanity begin!"

Socialmediajon1 tweeted: "Shania Twain had enough already then."

Suzysasha added: "Aww, no Shania."

Although it looks like this won't be the only time Shania will be missing from the judging panel as she previously told The Sun she had to be absent for two episodes.

She commented: "I, unfortunately, missed two Starstruck Shows this season, but I'm hugely thankful and very lucky that a good friend of mine, Ronan Keating, was able to take my seat for those episodes!

"We've known each other for many years and I can tell you that Ronan will be the perfect judge - providing many laughs and great insight along the way. I'm SO excited to watch!"

Starstruck continues Saturday on ITV from 8:30pm

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