Fans of gameshow The Wheel were in bits on Saturday night as a popular blind contestant bagged a cool £45k.

University student and content creator Toby had kept fans entertained throughout the show with a number of jokes and comments.

But when it came down to the big cash jackpot he admitted he had "no idea" of the answer. Toby, who told host Michael McIntyre he was 96 per cent blind, had been tasked with answering a question on art.

Michael asked him: "Which of these artists has won the Turner Prize in the 21st century?" before giving him potential answers of Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Anish Kapoo.

Stumped, Toby told the comedian he didn't know as "blind people don't like art". Instead, he asked DJ Sara Cox for help, telling her: "It is all on you this one."

He continued: "I have no idea. Blind people don't like art."

Thankfully for Toby the presenter was able to give him the right answer to the question leaving him speechless after his £45,000 win.

Hugging the DJ after winning the sum, he joked he will now listen to her BBC Radio 2 show every day.

Michael told him: "I can't believe you have come on this wheel, you are a blind man, you have been given a question on art to win the show, you have hilariously pointed out, during the question, not a big fan of art, never actually seen it!"

Toby then joked: "I tell you what, love art now! It's my favourite. I've never watched anything, mate, so it's all good!"

Following the big win, fans flocked to social media to express their delight at the result.

One Twitter user gushed: "Toby is my new favourite person," while another added: "The nicest and most adorable contestant I have ever witnessed on TV. What a legend. Toby you are just outstanding and mind blowing."

A third commented: " The best ever episode of The Wheel! Lovely to see the money go to such a lovely, deserving contestant as Toby. You were brilliant. X"

And a fourth said: "Tell you what, what an episode of The Wheel! Toby is that guy and some of the jokes were top draw as well #TheWheel."

Sara also left a sweet message following the programme, saying: "Thanks for all your lovely messages about the amazing Toby on The Wheel.

"Honestly, my heart was absolutely thumping in my ears. I didn't come down for the rest of the day. Just didn't want to let Toby down. Or lose a listener."

Other celebs available to Toby and the other contestants throughout the show were Jonathan Ross, Vick Hope, Gareth Thomas, Victoria Derbyshire, Tom Allen and Chunkz.

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