Sue and Noel Radford, who have 22 children together, feature on the programme 22 Kids and Counting. The reality show follows the couple's journey as they open up about what it's like to have 22 children and the struggles they face. However, at one point in their lives, the couple made the decision to stop having children when Noel underwent a vasectomy.

In 2004, after their ninth child James, the couple called it quits when Noel had a vasectomy - a decision the couple later regretted.

Noel admitted at the time he "was peer-pressured" into having the procedure.

However, after realising they wanted to expand their family further, Noel had the surgery reversed.

The couple, who went on to have a further 13 children, opened up on their YouTube channel about how the decision affected their lives.

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They also opened up about what it was like to lose their unborn baby, Alfie.

The reality stars lost what would have been their 17th child after Sue stopped feeling the baby moving.

After paying a visit to the hospital, doctors told Noel and Sue their baby didn't have a heartbeat.

In the video, the Radford family paid a visit to baby Alfie's grave where emotions were running high.

Sue and Noel both broke down in tears as they remembered losing their child.

Noel said: "It's definitely something we talk about and the kids come with us to see his grave and things like that.

"So even the ones that weren't born, they understand who Alfie is.

"To be honest, I think this is one of the biggest things that has impacted our family."

"It's the worst thing we have ever been through," Sue weighed in.

"We've been through some pretty rubbish times, but that was just the lowest point in our lives."

As they stood at Alfie's graveside, Sue said: "We try to come up once a month, don't we? Bring him some fresh flowers."

As the couple hugged their son, the trio got emotional as Sue continued: "You don't expect it to happen, do you?"

"I think we had just been so lucky up until Alfie, we took it all for granted," Noel said before adding: "It doesn't get any easier, does it?"

He later said: "We weren't expecting to bury our children before us."

Sue went on to explain she felt bad after having good pregnancies with her other children.

22 Kids and Counting is available to watch on Channel 5.

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