Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger penned a touching tribute to her late daughter Lorena as she celebrated Mother’s Day.

Lauren, who joined the ITV reality show back in 2010 alongside cast members such as Billie Shepherd, Chloe Sims and Dan Osbourne, experienced heartbreak last year when her daughter Lorena tragically died shortly after being born.

On Sunday, the TV star paid tribute to her late daughter, whose father is ex-Charles Drury, while also celebrating Lorena’s sister, Larose.

Alongside a picture with the baby’s face blurred out, Lauren, 36, wrote: “Thank you for giving me the best gift and all I’ve ever wanted is to be your 'mummy'. I love you both to the moon and back and this morning has touched me so deep I wish you was with us my gorgeous Lorena.

“Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Just cuddles is all you need today,” she added.

Reacting to the poignant post, one person wrote: “Happy Mother's Day to you. A mother's love is the heart of the family, and I know the way I saw you looking at your daughter with all your love was very warm and Lorena is with you always in spirit and today with you on mother's day. Have a wonderful day.”

“Happy Mother’s Day Lauren. Keep on keeping on. You are a wonderful mother,” someone else said, as another chimed added: “She is always with you.”

Others shared their own experiences with grief, as one person explained: “I too lost a child. My gorgeous 17 year old son. My heart aches for him as I know yours does too for your daughter. People need to understand you never get over losing a child. You just learn to live with it.”

“I lost my baby girl just after birth too,” another said, with a third adding: “I so understand your pain. There is a special place for our babies. Take care.”

Lauren has often spoken candidly about her loss and at the Inspirational Awards for Women 2023, the former Dancing on Ice contestant told OK! that she wouldn’t have survived Lorena’s passing without Larose.

She said: “She’s the best. She’s the cheekiest little girl you will come across. She’s already an intelligent and independent woman. She makes me so proud every single day. She’s unbelievable. She’s my rock."

Lauren also noted how her little girl is her "inspiration".

“After everything I went through, Larose is definitely my inspiration. She inspires me and she’s kept me going through the hardest times. Without her, I wouldn’t survive,” she added.

On another occasion, Lauren opened up about losing weight due to stress in the wake of Lorena's death.

She said: “I lost nearly three stone after I lost Lorena because of the stress. I didn’t eat. I’m now eating again and I’ve put a stone back on because I’m being more healthy.

“I stayed indoors and I didn’t go out, and now I feel I’m in a better place mentally. This year is about focusing on me and getting back on track.”

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