They might live a luxurious lifestyle most people could only ever dream of - but now several members of the Royal Family have been cast in a much more accessible light.

Amateur artist Becca Brandon, 30, from Burbage Leicester, has gone viral after posting three satirical videos of the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and a young Queen Elizabeth.

On her channel, the social media star - who grew up on a council estate - records herself adapting photos of famous figures using the iPad app Procreate.

Earlier this week, Becca reimagined Prince William and Kate Middleton as 'Council Estate Parents' in a video which has racked up over 4.4m views.

The viral video shows the smiling elegant future King and Queen reimagined as a tired mother and father standing outside a Bargain Booze.  

She captioned the clip: 'No holds barred with this one! Don't come for me.' 

To begin with, the artist made William completely bald and gave him a bit of facial hair.

Next, she added a tattoo on his temple, drew a stitched-up cut on his forehead and placed a lit cigarette on his lips. 

To finish, she dressed him in a navy Nike sports jacket and made him hold a can of beer. 

Kate, on the other hand, arguably got the rougher end of the deal and had her chic beige blazer swapped for a stained white dressing gown.

The Princess of Wales, 41, is given blonde highlights in the video and her hair piled on top of her head in a messy bun. 

Becca then went to town on Kate's make up, plastering her face in fake tan, and giving her the 90s foundation lips before adding dark circles around her eyes making her look tired. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales' video was played over the soundtrack of Pulp's Common People, and racked up over 354k likes and 4700 comments.

Many people loved William's new look with one person commenting: 'What’s I’ve learned from this is that Will needs to shave his head and grow a beard'

Someone else said: 'Kate looks as though she should be in EastEnders.'

Another added: 'Oh they done Kate dirty, but William looks better'

And a fourth commented: 'Coor Prince William looks well fit.' 

In the second of her three videos, the mother-of-four took a picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their 2019 South Africa tour and used her artistic flair to give them a 'council estate look'. 

The video - which has racked up 1.5m views - was captioned: 'You guys asked for this to be a 'royals' here's episode 2! How many do you think I can get through before I get in trouble?!' 

Becca gave Harry a Burberry cap and lined puffer coat, with a gold chain and eyebrow piercing. 

Complete with a cigarette hanging out his mouth, Becca says the whole look took her 'about three days to finish.'

Embarking on Meghan's makeover, Becca added: 'I'm going to get in trouble for this, aren't I?'

Replacing Meghan's chic coat dress with a pink puffer jacket, Becca then tweaked the Duchess' sleek up-do with pig tails with fluffy pink hair bobbles.

On top of this, she was also given a chunky gold chain and large hoop earrings. To finish off, Becca gave Meghan a foundation clad complexion, dark eyebrows and 

In addition, to a foundation clad complexion and prominent dark eyebrows, Becca finished off Meghan's transformation with a beauty spot. 

With over 100k likes, TikTok users flooded to the comment section. 

One person commented: 'I mean tbh they are already an interview away from appearing on Jerry Springer..'

Another added: 'Okay but honestly the hair could be a look on her with the right outfit and makeup'

A third joked: 'Hey…. at least you still put him in knock off Burberry. Designer threads mate!'

In addition, Becca decided to go one further and created a similar depiction of a young Queen Elizabeth II. 

Apologising for the video, the artist revealed that it was 'highly requested.'

The 30-year-old satirical artists completely transformed the late Queen, bleaching her hair blonde, while leaving dark rooks and tying it up with a leopard print scrunchy bobble. 

Becca completed the Queen's look with large silver hoops, a lip stud and two eyebrow piercings. 

She gave her prominent tinted brows and went heavy on the eyeliner, in addition to bronzed cheeks and pale foundation lips. 

The picture of The Queen Becca transformed was taken in the 1944 and shows the late monarch with her signature curled brunette bob and natural makeup.

But with 871k views and over 56k likes, Becca's TikTok viewers loved the transformation, with many comparing her to Amy Winehouse. 

One said: 'Giving blonde Amy Winehouse vibes.'

While another suggested: 'Ok this looks like adult princess Charlotte.'

A third joked: 'Queen of the Bri'ish.'

And a fourth added: 'Why is she gorgeous no matter what!!' 

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