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Foreword What MINUIT is intended to do MINUIT is conceived as a tool to nd the minimum value of a multi-parameter function the \FCN" and analyze the shape of the function around the minimum. The principal application is. VariableMetric: start iterating until Edm is < 2e-06 VariableMetric: Initial state - FCN = 2255.599481381 Edm = 12302.8 NCalls = 17 VariableMetric: Iteration0 - FCN = 2255.599481381 Edm = 12302.8 NCalls.

The main convergence criteria of MINUIT is edm < edm_max, where edm_max is calculated as edm_max = 0.002 tol errordef and EDM is the estimated. Minuit2Minimizer class implementing the ROOT::Math::Minimizer interface for Minuit2 minimization algorithm. In ROOT it can be instantiated using the plug-in manager plug-in "Minuit2" Using a string used by the plugin manager or via an enumeration an one can set all the possible minimization algorithms Migrad, Simplex, Combined, Scan and Fumili.

const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserCovariance& Covariance const int CovarianceStatus const double Edm const double Errorunsigned int const double Errorconst string& const vector< double > Errors const double Ext2int int. In ROOT it can be instantiated using the plug-in manager plug-in "Minuit2" Using a string used by the plugin manager or via an enumeration an one can set all the possible minimization algorithms Migrad, SimplexScan class. Minimum is only from seed result not full minimization FunctionMinimumconst MinimumSeed& seed, double up: fDataMnRefCountedPointernew BasicFunctionMinimumseed, upconst const. Break floating point exception I-Minuit2: DavidonErrorUpdator: delgam < 0: first derivatives increasing along search line I-Minuit2: VariableMetricBuilder: matrix not f.: edm.

Minuit2 is in C, so we need a way to integrate it with mathematica through mathlink. This is a bit cumbersome, but in principle straightforward. This first example uses a mathematica function with minimum user input, that is, it. TObject ContourInt_t npoints, Int_t pa1, Int_t pa2 Creates a TGraph object describing the n-sigma contour of a TMinuit fit. The contour of the parameters pa1 and pa2 is calculated unsing npoints >=4 points. The TMinuit status will be 0 on success and -1 if errors in the calling sequence pa1, pa2 not variable 1 if less than four points can be found 2 if npoints<4 n>3 if only n points can.

step calculate EDM = ½gTVg • Terminate VM procedure when EDM<0.001 Wouter Verkerke, NIKHEF VariableMetric: start iterating until Edm is < 0.001 VariableMetric: Initial state - FCN = -289.1204081677 Edm.

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