Billy Fletcher could find himself leaving Emmerdale next week - as he makes a plan to confess to his crime.

In shock scenes on Friday night, vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) was questioned by the police over the hit and run with Alex left for dead. Whilst viewers know Billy was the one who crashed into Alex, everyone else is none the wiser.

Billy did confide in Dawn, but Charles was the one taken in by the police after the pair had a huge physical fight after the vicar learned of Alex's true motive in getting close to Charles' daughter Naomi and stealing drugs from the surgery.

Billy will struggle next week when Charles comes home from a tough night of facing the police and all the questioning. He's horrified when Naomi tells him she think he is to blame and with the evidence seemingly stacking up, he's left with nowhere to turn.

Naomi is horrified when Clare reveals all about Alex's plan to her as they sit by his bedside in hospital, whilst Billy is forced to confess when Will Taylor finds the vehicle with its damaged windscreen in the barn.

Will is sure he will do all he can to protect Billy and his daughter Dawn, but Billy struggles with what he's done and horrifies Dawn when he says he wants to confess all about what happened on the country road.

Dawn tries to convince Billy not to confess by telling him he'll lose his family if he does, but he is struggling to cope with the fact that Charles has been questioned by the police over the incident when he is the one to blame.

After learning all about Alex's real intentions, Naomi returns home to be with her dad and the pair share a sweet moment, but soon they're interrupted by the arrival of the police as they warn him he could be charged with murder over the hit and run.

Charles is interviewed again, even losing his temper in the police questioning as he struggles with what's going on. When he's finally released, he returns to the church and prays on what he can do next, just as Billy arrives.

Sitting alongside Charles, Billy confesses to him what he id and prepares to head to the police to share all about what happened that early evening on the country road, as he struggles with all that's happened.

But does this mean an exit for Billy - and will he be heading to jail?

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