King Charles has reportedly complained that the Changing of the Guard outside Clarence House and St James's Palace is too loud and has even requested that the troops attempt to keep the volume down early in the morning.

The leaked memo from the desk of His Majesty's Equerry has revealed that the elite household guards, who have protected royal palaces since 1660, were told “some volume control would be very much appreciated by those inside”, reports The Sun.

While the King was understood to have made the request, royal sources were quick to insist the monarch is not complaining about the guardsmen’s behaviour, just the volume of military orders first thing in the morning.

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It is understood that King Charles had “remarked” about the noisy guardsman during the early morning Changing of the Guard ceremony as it distracted him from State business.

A leaked memo from King Charles’ equerry’s office stated: “His Majesty remarked the other day how loud the outgoing sentries were at St James's Palace in the morning.

“Full marks for vigour and volume, but please could you pass down to those on guard that Clarence House is a residence and so some volume control would be very much appreciated by those inside!”

Following King Charles’ complaint, an army officer is understood to have told the guard commanders: “Please could you pass onto your troops that when posting sentries first thing in the morning at St James's Palace that they should do so at a slightly lower volume.”

While the monarch is known to rise early, it has previously been claimed that he works from home at Clarence House in the morning and heads to Buckingham Palace later in the day.

And, even though the request was understood to have been made "gently", the loud shouting of guard orders outside his window has distracted him from work including reading briefing documents in government red boxes, it is said.

Sources were quick to insist that His Majesty was not complaining about the guardsmen’s behaviour in any way. The Kings Guard are officially based at St James's Palace with a detachment posted to Buckingham Palace.

MyLondon has approached Buckingham Palace for comment.

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