There is some explaining on the cards for some of soap’s residents next week, with a number of them finding themselves in tricky situations which warrant an explanation!

Caleb Miligan continues to be public enemy number one in Emmerdale in the wake of his cruel actions being exposed, with one of his foes set to take drastic action, leaving him for dead.

Coronation Street’s Stephen Reid will be forced to cover his tracks when Tim Metcalfe quizzes him about what happened with Elaine Jones, who is left to die by the killer.

EastEnders, meanwhile, sees Theo Hawthorne ignore Stacey Slater’s wishes when it comes to Lily, while Hollyoaks’ Tony Hutchinson is asked if he’s Ella Richardson’s father.

For all this and more, Metro.co.uk’s bumper Friday spoiler guide is your one-stop soapy shop for all things next week (Monday June 12 to Friday June 16). 


1. Suki’s wellbeing is all anyone can talk about in the wake of her fall, with Vinny searching for answers while Mitch wonders if Suki might be a victim of domestic abuse. Eve also worries for Suki, believing the incident to have been an attempt on her lover’s life, and thus she recommends that Suki report her husband for pushing her. Nish is subsequently questioned by the police, who have evidence to back up the theory that he pushed Suki, with the criminal being arrested as a result.

2. After finding out Suki was intent on leaving prior to her injury, Vinny starts to wonder if his mum is plotting against Nish, who is now in police custody. He sets out to find out the truth, and subsequently makes a discovery that leaves him shocked.

3. Kathy is fretting about organising Lola’s wake, and Rocky is determined to take the stress off her but his day is disrupted when Jo rocks up with their divorce papers. Rocky wonders why he didn’t receive his papers via post but Jo leaves him rattled him when she tells him that Jasper ‘says hello’. What is Rocky hiding?

4. Stacey feels guilty about being unable to get Lily some new trainers, but Theo Hawthorne, Freddie’s former teacher, presents the 12-year-old with the trainers she wanted, courtesy of his mate, who owns a sports shop. Stacey, however, isn’t pleased, later explaining to Lily that she can’t have them as it would be unfair on the other kids, but Theo gives them to Lily anyway.

5. Elaine tries to get closer to Gina and Anna by playing matchmaker but gets things terribly wrong when she comes to believe that Gina is interested in Freddie instead of Zack, which leads to a bust up between the two, with Gina getting warned off by Whitney.

6. Jean and Theo go with Freddie to his appointment with the psychiatrist to discuss his ADHD assessment. Jean worries that Freddie isn’t expressing his true feelings about being diagnosed with ADHD, but he dismisses it as ‘just a label’.

7. Kathy makes decisions about who she wants at her wedding, as Rocky enlists Bobby’s help to get his bride-to-be the guests she wants.

Coronation Street

8. Stephen is pushed to breaking point after Owen confronts him, wanting to know why he’s told both he and Jenny a pack of lies. With Carla having agreed to sell her share of the factory to him, Owen makes it quite clear to Stephen that he’s going to fire him when he takes over, leaving the killer irate, as he pleads with Carla to change her mind to no avail.

9. Elaine reiterates that she’s got no intention of investing in the factory, suggesting to Stephen that they should simply enjoy their retirement. Stephen, however, comes up with a plan, replacing her blood pressure tablets with caffeine pulls, leaving Elaine feeling unwell as she collapses to the floor, hitting her head. Stephen returns home to find her unconscious, before quietly backing out of the flat to leave her alone – has he killed again?

10. Tim shares his suspicions about Stephen with Steve, before confronting Stephen, demanding to know all the details about what happened to Elaine. Has Stephen finally been caught out?

11. With Tracy selling up shop to fund her legal battle, Amy is horrified to find out that Mary will lose her job and that Billy, Paul and Summer will be made homeless. After giving it some thought, Amy deicides to write a retraction, which she later shows to Aaron, who points out that it doesn’t make sense. Amy is livid, telling him it’s hard to make sense of a pack of lies, urging him to write it himself and she will sign it. Aaron sets out to do just that, but as he struggles to write it, he goes back over that night.

11. After ordering Ryan to get dressed and meet her for lunch, Carla tells Daniel how Ryan hasn’t left the flat for a week as he’s been so upset over the catfishing. Daniel urges Daisy to pay Ryan a visit to cheer him up, Daisy masks her guilt.

12. Sarah confides in Audrey, revealing how she loves Adam, feeling guilty that threw her marriage away for a stupid fling. Audrey urges her to tell Adam how she feels. Sarah begs Adam to give her another chance. When Adam refuses, Sarah turns the tables, suggesting he’s partially to blame as he was always at work.

13. Max calls Gav and confirms that he tracked down Bec. Gav asks him to tell Bec how sorry he is and to persuade her to take his calls. Later in the week, Max is quizzed by David and Shona about his new girlfriend, but he’s cagey on the subject.

14. Brian confides in Mary that Isabella’s smoking is taking its toll and he’ll be glad when she returns to Italy.


15. Caleb faces the wrath of his family in light of recent events, with Nate recommending that he let the Dingles decide the schemer’s fate. Proceedings, however, are turned upside down when Caleb makes a suprise appearance, refusing to be kicked out of the village.

16. Leyla rejects Caleb, who is eager to apologise, with the schemer intent on drowning his sorrows with Charity, who is upset over the fact that Mack is growing closer to Chloe. One thing leads to another, with Caleb and Charity sleeping together.

17. Mackenzie tries to assure Chloe that he’s over Charity, with the two heading upstairs together. Mack, however, is reluctant to break Charity’s heart with confirmation of his new relationship status, which leaves Chloe frustrated. Charity reveals in the pub that she slept with Caleb, with a brawl ensuing between the to men. Chloe is peeved with Mack’s reaction, offering him an ultimatum: her or Charity! Mack, however, is hellbent on revenge, telling Caleb that there will be consequences for what he did. Leyla, meanwhile, is hurt by news of Caleb’s betrayal.

17. Cain is on the warpath with Caleb, with matters becoming worse when he finds out that he slept with Charity, not to mention the fact that Vinny is selling to Caleb. Caleb is unfazed, goading his brother, with Chas and Moira forced to intervene.

18. Gabby struggles following Nicky’s betrayal but, despite her reservations, she returns to work, with her loved ones rallying around her to support her. A subsequent altercation with Caleb, however, proves difficult for her, leaving Will simmering, with the Home Farm dweller determined to take action.

19. The villagers unite against Caleb during a tense showdown at the Woolpack, with each scorned party squaring up to him, revealing their disdain. Chas throws him out, with each villager determined to take their revenge.

20. Caleb is blindsided when an unknown figure rushes towards him and pushes him over the edge, with his lifeless body sprawled out on the ground below while, back in the village, a number of residents return from their mystery outings. But is it really curtains for Caleb? And who is to blame for the attack?


21. Ella is keen to find her father, and Darren suggests that she speak to Tony, given that the pub landlord was in a relationship with Mandy shortly before her birth. Ella, however, starts to wonder if Tony might actually be her father! Charlie and Beau recommend that she find evidence to back up such a theory, with Tony later finding out her suspicions and making it his mission to get her answers.

22. Yazz doesn’t quite know how to feel about the fact that she’s pregnant, struggling to open up to Tom, but there’s heartbreak on the cards, with the mum-to-be collapsing in pain and being rushed to hospital for surgery, with Tom worried sick about his wife and their unborn child.

23. Charlie is caught by DS Zoe picking up some more drugs from Taz and is taken away to police custody. He is let off with a caution, while Darren is left feeling guilty – and encourages his son to speak to a professional. Charlie agrees, but as they wait for his appointment at the hospital a slip of the tongue leads to the truth coming out.

24. Joel wants to support Leela, but he doesn’t know how so he turns to his dad for advice. Warren tells his son all he can do is be there for her. Joel goes to help Leela clean the gym, where the pair grow closer. When Leela admits she was nervous to spend time with him after their recent kiss, they share another, but Donna-Marie isn’t best pleased when she catches them in the act.

25. Zara asks Damon to be the getaway driver as she, Cindy and Grace continue to plot their heist, but will their actions come back to bite them? And will Damon agree to take part?

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