Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has been onto the bikies since the tragedy on Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) wedding day alerted him to the fact that the gang is still targeting him in revenge for Tex’s (Lucas Linehan) imprisonment and a gang members’ death.

After discovering the Parata house is bugged, Cash has challenged the bikies to show their faces – and before long, he gets a text from them naming a time and place.

The cop goes to visit Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) in hospital, preparing for the worst. He says goodbye to the woman he loves, hoping this isn’t the last time he sees her. However, Rose (Kirsty Marillie) catches the end of his speech to her as she stands in the doorway, and reveals the task force knows all about his plan to meet up with the bikies.

Outraged, Cash confronts his colleague – they secretly tapped his phone? Rose says it was for his own good.

Then another officer appears. Rose reveals that Cash will be staying out of trouble, thanks to his new friend, while she and the task force launch a sting on the bikies. Cash is furious, but he is forced to sit down next to Eden while he is guarded.

Rose raids the bikie house with her colleagues, and takes on Lloyd Stevens in Cash’s honour – he was the one who cut the brake lines, which led to the car crash. With the main perpetrator tackled and arrested, justice has been served. But when Cash hears the update, his relief is overshadowed by frustration – he wasn’t able to do anything about it himself.

However, it looks like Cash’s desire to take on the bikies is about to be fulfilled. We watch as Tex, free from prison, gives an order – with the cops distracted, it’s time to get Cash.

Later, in Salt, Cash is approached by a man who informs him to walk out of the bar quietly and follow him – pulling out a gun to show he means business…

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