Since Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and Nicky (Lewis Cope) finally gave in to their mutual attraction in Emmerdale, they’ve hardly been able to keep their hands off each other, which has led to a few near-misses and an embarrassing moment when Caleb (William Ash) walked in on them at an awkward time.

But none of that compares to the trouble that ensues when Kim Tate (Claire King) discovers what’s been going on between Gabby and the nanny employed to look after Kim’s grandson Thomas.

Rosie Bentham told us that Kim’s immediate reaction is to sack Nicky – which is exactly what Gabby and Nicky feared would happen when they embarked on the relationship.

‘Kim is so angry and basically says to him, “Get out of my house.” She terminates his contract, kicks him out,’ Rosie revealed. ‘Kim accuses him of being with Gabby for money and she accuses Gabby of being desperate and going for the first guy that’s walked through the door. She’s not supportive of their relationship at all.’

To prove his sincerity, Nicky proposes to Gabby right there and then – in front of Kim and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and Bernice (Samantha Giles). Rosie described the chaos that ensues:

‘Bernice is over the moon – she’s sat there making comments about how fit she thinks Nicky is and Kim’s there talking about how he needs to be kicked out of Home Farm. So she’s got all these women around her directing her in all different ways, but she’s very firm that she wants a future with Nicky and that is what she’ll get.’

While Kim strongly objects to the idea of the two getting married, Rosie told us that as time has gone on Gabby has been becoming ‘very Kim-like,’ so she does what Kim would do in this situation and thinks of what she can use as leverage to change Kim’s mind.

She realises that what will hurt Kim most is the thought of not seeing Thomas again, and says she’ll remove her grandson from her life unless she agrees to her marrying Nicky.

Will Kim agree?

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