A new ITV drama about Raoul Moat's shooting spree has been slammed by the sister of one of his victims who claimed it 'should be left in the past'.

Sister of victim Samantha Stobbart, Kelly Stobbart, 40, said broadcaster ITV 'doesn't understand the impact' its new three-part series The Hunt for Raoul Moat will have on people involved.

Moat shotgunned his then ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, her new boyfriend and a police officer before turning the gun on himself after a manhunt in 2010.

Miss Stobbart told the Daily Mirror: 'We're lucky our Sam survived. ITV don't realise the impact this will have on the people involved. It still gives me nightmares and I suffer PTSD.

'I'm so sick of hearing Raoul's name and I'm so sick of him being on TV. I hate seeing his face on social media and then having to read all the comments people make about Sam. My whole family and I all feel that it should be left in the past.'

The victim's other sister Claire, who lives in Tenerife, also criticised the ITV drama on social media.

She said: 'It's always the same, every year they're trying to make a few quid. Dramas, documentaries. By 2030, it'll be a film.'

Samantha Stobbart was left critically injured after she was shot in the stomach by Moat and only survived because her arm had partially blocked the shot.

Moat, 37, went on a shotgun spree in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, two days after leaving HMP Durham where he had served an 18-week sentence for assaulting a nine-year-old.

He killed Miss Stobbart's new partner Chris Brown and then shot her before going on the run for six days.

Moat then shot police officer David Rathband in the face and blinded him, before killing himself near Rothbury, Northumberland.

Mr Rathband  was found hanging at his home in Blyth, Northumberland, in February 2012, 20 months after he was shot by Moat. 

ITV told the Daily Mirror: 'World Productions reached out to all families affected by Moat's crimes'.

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