He’s in the middle of causing absolute chaos among the Branning-Foxes, and Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) shows no signs of stopping in EastEnders.

Enjoying his mind games with Denise (Diane Parish), he is trying to get under her skin as he uses her to dig the dirt on Jack (Scott Maslen), who coincidently wants to also bring Ravi down.

If you’re not keeping up with that, basically they all hate each other.

Denise and Ravi had some brief forays into passions, and Ravi stirred the pot by then targeting Denise’s daughter (Chelsea Fox).

But the seemingly unstoppable Ravi sets his sights on another conquest, who is likely to also treat like something on the sole of his shoe.

‘Ravi feels very scorned and very hurt after bearing his soul to Denise,’ Aaron explained of his character’s mindset.

‘As a narcissist, he can’t deal with that level of emotion and hurt, so his default goes to “ok well I’m going to defend myself and I’m going to make your life a misery.”’

What a charmer! And more mind games follow when he and Chelsea clock each other on a night out.

Chelsea’s understandably annoyed to find Ravi is there, and even more irritated when a mystery blonde joins him. Furious Chelsea tries to make Ravi jealous but it looks like her plan has failed when Ravi and the girl leave.

However, the new romantic interest was clearly another means to an end, as Ravi is waiting outside on his motorbike to tempt Chelsea for an, umm, ride.

But while he gets under Chelsea’s skin, Aaron confirms to us that his agenda is 100% unsavoury.

‘This is all a motive for survival. If that means breaking someone’s heart, then so be it,’ he declared.

‘He wants to progress things with Chelsea but not all the way. He’s using Chelsea as a pawn to get to Denise, so he’s testing the waters of how far he needs to go to get the information from her.

‘Everything is surface level between Ravi and Chelsea, and behind that is a plan. Ravi has just bared his soul to another woman and he got scorned, so I don’t think he’s allowing himself to feel any kind of deeper attraction at this point.’

Ravi soon uses Chelsea to get to Jack, telling him he will leave her alone if he gives him intel on the investigation.

But will Jack and Denise crumble to get Chelsea away from their nemesis?

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