There’s a massive shock in store for Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) in upcoming Emmerdale episodes when her ex-husband turns up just as she’s about to have a lunch date with current husband Marlon (Mark Charnock).

By ‘ex-husband’ we’re not talking about Paddy (Dominic Brunt), either, but someone from Rhona’s dim and distant past called Gus. People from a character’s distant past do not turn up just for a quick catch-up over brunch in soaps – there’s always an agenda. And it’s not long before Gus reveals what his is.

In this new video, we meet Gus, who’s a customer in the Woolpack and contemplating Marlon’s culinary skills.

Once Rhona arrives, the mood quickly changes as she spots Gus and recognises him.

Rhona calls Gus ‘possibly the worst mistake’ of her life and, much to her annoyance, he’s going to be back in Rhona’s world for a little while, as a new storyline begins for her.

Apparently a very long time ago Gus and Rhona had some embryos frozen, but Rhona thought they had since been destroyed now that she’s no longer with Gus. He will soon reveal that the embryos still exist and he wants to use one of them to have a child.

Rhona is understandably reeling from this information and can’t believe that Gus has been acting on her behalf with the clinic involved, preparing to make arrangements for the frozen embryos to be used.

It’s a massive decision for Rhona to take – does she agree to Gus using one of the frozen embryos, knowing that would mean a child that was genetically hers would be being brought into the world, or does she refuse and end Gus’s chances of having a child of his own?

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