Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) have been on the rocks since his return to EastEnders late last year, and things will continue to be dramatic in coming episodes.

As Sharon prepares for the grand opening of Boxing Den, she leaves Keanu downhearted after brushing him off.

After some words of encouragement from former flame Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalfe), Keanu comes up with a plan.

‘He starts to get an idea of how he can get back with Sharon’, actor Danny Walters revealed. ‘Essentially, Sam does instigate Keanu’s motive.

‘At the time, Sam isn’t aware of what Keanu wants or what he’s trying to do but she can see how he’s a bit upset and hurt from feeling dismissed and neglected by Sharon.

‘The advice comes from the friendship that they now have and I think Sam is someone Keanu can trust and seek advice from, so she really helps him in this situation’, Danny said.

He is further pushed into action by mum Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley), who begrudgingly discusses the Sharon situation with him.

‘Karen doesn’t really provide any advice or even provide any suggestions to Keanu as she doesn’t agree with Keanu and Sharon being together. She believes it will never work.

‘However, she does conclude that women like gestures, rather than words to prove you love them.

‘From that, Keanu has a bit of a lightbulb moment and that springboards him into something that is a very drastic and a bold statement to Sharon.’

At the opening of the gym, he makes a grand declaration of love to the mother of his child and proposes, leaving her absolutely horrified.

She ends up storming off, in true Sharon fashion, leaving Keanu to hurry after her.

He declares his love to an angry Sharon, hoping that her initial reaction was just down to the shock of his grand gesture.

Torn Sharon has a heart to heart with Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), who tells her that she should follow her heart.

Sharon is unsure of what to do, but a conversation with Sam leaves things clearer in her mind.

She invites Keanu over, knowing now what she wants.

Will she accept his proposal, or is it over for good between the couple?

A recent flash-forward episode showed Sharon in a bloodstained wedding dress, crouched over the dead body of one Walford man.

Could this proposal be a major clue toward the identity of that body?

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