Priyanka Chopra quit a Bollywood film as a result of a director's "dehumanising" request.

During an interview with The Zoe Report, the Indian actress recalled how the unnamed filmmaker asked to see her underwear while shooting a movie.

"I'm undercover, I'm seducing the guy - obviously that's what girls do when they're undercover. But I'm seducing the guy and you have to take off one piece of clothing (at a time)," the Citadel star explained. "I wanted to layer up (but) the filmmaker was like, 'No, I need to see her underwear. Otherwise, why is anybody coming to watch this movie?'

"He didn't say it to me," she continued. "He said it to the stylist in front of me. It was such a dehumanising moment. It was a feeling of, 'I'm nothing else outside of how I can be used, my art is not important, what I contribute is not important.'"

Priyanka went on to note that she "couldn't look at the director" after the incident and departed the project two days later.

However, she decided to pay the production crew for the money they lost due to her exit - which she was encouraged to do by her father.

Priyanka recently revealed that she left Bollywood after feeling "pushed into a corner" by industry leaders. She then pursued a short-lived music career and ended up in Hollywood.

The 40-year-old, who has become a household name, is currently promoting the new romcom, Love Again.

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