Natalie Portman's newest movie has been picked up by Netflix following its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Hollywood Reporter states that May December will be released by the streaming giant after it received a six-minute standing ovation at its debut screening.

The film stars Portman as a Hollywood actress named Elizabeth who is cast in a film about a woman who gets into a relationship and has a baby with a man 23 years younger than her and becomes plastered all over the tabloids for it.

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Her character travels down to Georgia to meet with the real-life couple, Gracie and Joe (played by Julianne Moore and Charles Melton, respectively), 20 years on from when they were national news.

Portman's character meets them as they are about to become empty nesters — their twin children are about to head off to university — and compares their life now to how it was when they first got together. They still receive hate mail, but have a nice house from selling their wedding photos and are seemingly well-liked within their local community.

The publication's review of the film states that both Portman and Moore deliver very strong performances, as the tension between one of them wanting to bring up the past while the other wants to bury it continues to rise.

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The film itself was also praised for having shades of light and darkness for both its female leads, and for a scene-stealing if brief performance from Gotham's Cory Michael Smith as Georgie, Gracie's eldest son from her previous marriage.

May December will be released on Netflix and have a cinema release, with dates and more details set to come.

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