Fans of the British comedy The Full Monty are about to have their chance to see the story adapted on the small screen, when a series of the same name hits the 2023 TV schedule on June 14. The original cast members from the 1997 film will reprise their roles — with the exception of Hugo Speer, who was let go from the project following accusations of on-set nudity. The actor has spoken out about the allegations against him and how his removal from the series affected his mental health.

Twenty-five years after Hugo Speer and the rest of the cast first portrayed unemployed men looking to earn some money by forming a striptease group, The Full Monty cast were back in production in 2022 for a streaming series. However, after an alleged investigation into Speer for reported incidents of inappropriate conduct, his character, Guy, was apparently written out of the script. The actor got candid with the Daily Mail about what he allegedly transpired, denying any intentional wrongdoing, apologizing and talking about the effect this has had on his life and career. Speer said: 

According to Hugo Speer’s account, a runner in her early 20s knocked on the door of his trailer in May 2022 while he was changing, then opened the door, despite him allegedly yelling to give him a minute. The actor said he stood behind a wardrobe during their 30-second conversation. 

He later learned of another incident that had been reported by a costume trainee who reportedly said she’d seen Hugo Speer walking naked in his trailer while the door was open. The actor recalled: 

A spokesperson for Disney — who will distribute the new series on Disney+ in the UK — released a statement to the Daily Mail, nearly duplicating what the company said last year after firing the actor. It read: 

The actor said his dismissal has affected his mental health, even leading him to consider harming himself. In speaking to his refusal to sign an NDA, Hugo Speer told the site:  

The Full Monty, an eight-part limited series, will premiere to viewers with a Hulu subscription on Wednesday, June 14, and be sure to check out some of the other Hulu new releases as well. 

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