Mel B says former bandmate Victoria Beckham will rejoin the Spice Girls for a mystery project. 

The singer, 47, claimed there is an exciting announcement in the pipelines for the girl power group but kept tight lipped on the specifics. 

She did however promise that 'all five girls', including Mel C, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, will unite professionally for the first time in 11 years.  

The last time the Spice Girls reunited was for an iconic performance at the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony. 

In 2019, the band headed out on a UK stadium tour but fashion designer Victoria, 49, notably chose not to join claiming she was too busy with her clothing brand. 

Mel B revealed the five Wannabe hitmakers will be releasing a statement soon about their secret project and are busy currently busy 'perfecting' it. 

She gushed that it is something that fans are 'really going to love' but refused to give anymore insight. 

The singer told The Sun: 'My theory is that if I say it enough, it will happen. But actually we are planning on releasing a statement. 

'What that is, I can't say right now because we're just finishing off perfecting what we're going to be doing together, all five of us, but it's going to be something that the fans are really going to love.'

When asked how the girls persuaded Posh Spice to re-join, Mel B said it wasn't about convincing her as they have 'kind of always been in contact'. 

She added: 'It's not like none of us are speaking together, we've all got a group WhatsApp, but it's just about timing. She was really busy doing her fashion line and supporting David with his moves and his career and obviously she's got a bunch of kids so it's just about finding the right time and we've managed to do that so there should be an announcement pretty soon.'

It comes after Victoria was said to 'be up for' re-joining the Spice Girls for a headline performance at Glastonbury.

Last year is was reported that Posh Spice was keen to join the chart-topping pop group if they are asked to perform at the iconic British festival this summer.

Emma revealed she and the rest of the group have 'definitely got to do it' if they are asked to headline the event, held at Worthy Farm in Somerset.

Speaking on Keith Lemon's podcast Back Then When, Emma addressed the rumours around the Spice Girls one-off return at Glastonbury.

She said: 'I hope so! Can I be real? No one's asked us! I read it as well this week saying, "Oh, we've asked them. We're quite far down". All of us have been on the phone like… no one's asked us!'

Emma went on to tell Keith she 'doesn't know' where the rumour came from but is 'hoping' it is true and someone will be in contact soon.

She continued: 'I don’t know! I think it would be fab. And I have spoken to Victoria about it too. And I think she'd be up for Glasto.'

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