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Rayne Royce has shown her dark side in new Hollyoaks scenes.

Viewers already knew that the social media influencer has a dark past she's keen to hide, yet Thursday's (June 8) first-look episode hinted she can also be cruel, even to her friends.

In light of Juliet Nightingale's tragic passing earlier in the week, Nadira was furious when she only found out about her ex-girlfriend's death through Rayne's memorial post on social media.

"Did you really think THIS is how I wanted to find out Juliet died, from some vanity post," Nadira angrily asked her flatmate.

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Lacey Lloyd actually took Nadira's side, as she tried to explain to Rayne that posting on social media so soon after Juliet's death was "a bit much".

Rayne insisted that Nadira's grief didn't give her the right to lash out, though Lacey was able to get the two back together later on to smooth things over.

Nadira apologised for having a go at Rayne for her tribute post, admitting that her grief doesn't give her the right to have a pop at her mates.

"I may have been a tad overzealous," Rayne admitted, in return.

When Lacey joked that Rayne may have "competition" with Nadira over their friendship, Rayne turned away to roll her eyes in annoyance. Rayne later took a cruel shot at Nadira by suggesting it was dangerous getting too close to her, saying: "Juliet was her [Nadira's] friend and look what happened there."

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"Juliet and Peri shared so many happy memories in a such a short amount of time. If it wasn't for you, then they probably would have shared a few more," Rayne told her.

Rayne accused Nadira of looking for sympathy by "cosying up" to Lacey, insisting she was only saying out loud what everyone was already thinking.

"Maybe it'd be better for everyone if you'd just distance yourself from Lacey for a little bit," Rayne demanded.

Nadira make a quick excuse to leave once Lacey showed up, telling her mate that she wanted to "be alone". Rayne faced yet more jealousy when Romeo opted to spend time with Peri rather than come home with her.

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