Dani Dyer named one of her twins after a vampire.

The 'Love Island' winner, 26, gave birth to twin daughters last month with her footballer boyfriend Jarrod Bowen and the couple named them Summer and Star - and Dani has now revealed West Ham star Jarrod chose the name Summer and she picked Star after seeing an onscreen bloodsucker with the name in Kiefer Sutherland's 1987 film 'The Lost Boys'.

In a question-and-answer session with fans on Instagram, Dani was asked how they came up with the girls' names and she explained: "I've always loved the name Star since I was a little girl and watched the film 'The Lost Boys' and the vampire was called Star.

"Jarrod always liked the name Summer so it was an easy decision!"

Dani also revealed she had a back-up name in case she changed her mind, adding: "I loved the name Luna as well."

The telly star - whose dad is 'EastEnders' actor Danny Dyer - is also mum to a son named Santi from a previous relationship. She welcomed her twins on May 22 and she shared a sweet update after the family's first week together.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: "Our first week together and enjoying every moment of the newborn bubble. t’s been amazing watching Santi be a big brother he has melted my heart in ways I couldn’t imagine and he just feels like such a big boy all of a sudden.

"My heart feels so so full and so excited for our journey together as a family of 5."

Dani later admitted she has been able to tell the difference between her twins, but she doesn't yet know if they are going to be identical twins or not.

She wrote: "I can really see the difference between the girls. I thought I wouldn't be able to but maybe they won't be identical. I think where Star is smaller it makes it easier but I like to think Summer looks more like Jarrod."

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