There’s plenty of content set to release this week on Amazon Prime Video including a must-watch documentary and a horror movie to die for.

Every week, millions of viewers turn to Amazon Prime Video for all types of streaming content. This week, we’ve got a brand-new sports documentary, the return of a classic horror franchise, and several feel-good movies for the whole family.

Nine TV shows and movies coming to Prime Video this week

Bye Bye Barry – November 21

A truly exceptional sports documentary, this 92-minute-long movie explores the life of NFL superstar Barry Sanders: One of the best players in the game until his retirement at the height of his career shocked the entire NFL fanbase.

24 years after he said goodbye to the field of dreams, Bye Bye Barry will take American Football fans back to the beginning – just be warned, this movie will make you far more emotional than you might expect.

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Hope Street season 3 – November 22

The popular Irish crime drama returns for its third season, set once again in the quaint seaside town of Port Devine as local residents continue to clash with the police force.

More good news is that the third season will actually include 15 episodes, with the first eight being broadcast right now on BBC One Northern Ireland – meaning fans around the world can watch the investigation unfold together.

Elf Me – November 23

A brand-new Christmas movie to get you in the holiday spirit, this new film focused on Trip, known across the North Pole as a rather ‘unconventional elf’ who has a talent for building bizarre weapons, not toys.

One day, Trip meets a shy young boy called Elia as he is running away from a group of bullies – but can Santa’s mischievous little helper save the day, or is he destined to find coal come Christmas day?

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Evil Dead Rise – November 23

The latest chapter of the iconic Evil Dead franchise lands on Amazon Prime Video this week but don’t worry if you aren’t caught up with the story so far, this new movie is a standalone film.

One of the most successful horror films of 2023, Evil Dead Rise is your ‘Scary Movie of the Week’ and will be a must-watch for fans both past and present.

LOL season 3 – November 24

One of the most bizarre and hilarious concepts in reality competition history, the third season of LOL sees six more Brazilian comedians battle it out over six hours trying to make each other laugh, without giggling themselves.

With an enormous cash prize (which goes to a charity of their choosing) on the line, this crazy and comical game will bring a lot of fun to your week; especially if you are in need of a quick pick-me-up.

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The November Man – November 25

The 2014 thriller movie starring Pierce Brosnan and Olga Kurylenko finally makes its way onto Amazon Prime Video on November 25, meaning that there is plenty of action on the streaming platform this week.

When a former CIA operative, codename Devereaux, is brought back for one last mission, things start to go wrong after he realizes that his enemy is his former student – unfortunately, the trail of corruption leads far above his pay grade.

Fantasy Football – November 25

This 2022 movie is every sports fan’s dream come true: What would happen if you could control the performance of your favorite team in real life… All from a video game console?

Starring Marsai Martin and Omari Hardwick, with NBA legend LeBron James working as an executive producer, this feel-good movie about how one father-daughter pair can change the game is one for the whole family to enjoy.

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A Good Person – November 28

One of the most touching movies of 2023, make sure you have a pack of tissues when you catch A Good Person on Amazon Prime Video this week.

Directed by Scrubs’ Zach Braff, A Good Person stars Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman in this tale of how friendship and forgiveness can flourish, even under the most tragic of circumstances.

Christmas Checklist – November 28

What would your Christmas bucket list look like? Probably something similar to this 2022 holiday movie in which a grieving daughter is left with 12 festive-themed tasks to complete by her recently deceased mother before Xmas day rolls around.

It’s cheesy, it’s cute, and it’s a film for the whole family to enjoy; the epitome of the ‘pleasant Hallmark’ movies that grace our screens every holiday season.

It’s another exciting week on Amazon Prime Video, which new show or movie will you be checking out?

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