EastEnders fans have noted a blunder in Lola's storyline - ahead of her heartbreaking death.

It is not long until Lola's death will be shown to viewers, as actress Danielle Harold bids farewell to the BBC One soap. Whilst everyone has accepted that this is the end for Lola, Ben is desperate to do anything he can to try and prolong Lola's life.

He has been trying to explore different options with the doctors in the hope of getting Lola through the summer until Lexi heads to her new school after promising his daughter that she will be there then.

However, some fans have spotted an error in the storyline - as Ben headed to the doctors to speak about Lola.

"Sorry, but no dr would see a non-family member behind her patients back, not even a really s*** one. # EastEnders," one wrote, as a second added: "Sorry but on what planet would an oncologist agree to meet with Ben to discuss Lola's treatment? #EastEnders."

A third shared: "Surely Ben wouldn’t be allowed to talk to this doctor about Lola’s case without Lola’s permission/presence…?"

‌Some viewers, meanwhile, defended Ben's decision to speak to doctors and try and get more help.

"Might look like Ben's being totally selfish right now but he's genuinely not doing it to be malicious. Doing it for Lexi. What parent wouldn't go to the most extreme actions to save their kid going through pain? He does anything for Lexi but he'll never accept reality #EastEnders," one viewer wrote online as they gave their verdict on the scenes.

Lola will pass away in heartbreaking scenes airing on the BBC soap next week.

Speaking of her final scenes, Danielle said: "It’s been really difficult filming these last few scenes over because it does get really tough, especially towards the end. It’s such a heartbreaking diagnosis and it’s not nice to watch or to play.

"Working with the charities has been so important for us because we want to portray Lola’s diagnosis both accurately and sensitively while also raising awareness to hopefully make a change."

Danielle says Lola is well aware this is the beginning of the end for her, as she plans to make every second count.

"Yes, Lola definitely starts to feel her decline quite quickly during her palliative care. Her symptoms are getting worse, she’s becoming more forgetful and she’s having more seizures so she’s definitely aware her time is coming to an end now," she added.

Of the viewers' reactions to the plot, she explained how much it meant, sharing: "The response from everybody has been really overwhelming but really lovely as they’re really supportive of Lola. It’s been so lovely to see that."

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