Emmerdale aired the arrival of new character Gail tonight - and fans have already sussed out her motive.

Gail - played by Rachael Gill-Davis - appeared in The Woolpack tonight, with Ryan clearly puzzled by her arrival and what she was there for. She hasn't been seen on the show for four years when she supported Ryan amid his romance with Dawn.

Rachael says she is living a childhood dream of being on the ITV soap, as she opened up about what it was like working with all the cast from the ITV soap. However, fans are concerned about what her arrival will mean for Ryan - as they 'work out' her secret.

She took to Instagram to celebrate her character's arrival - admitting she was "so so grateful".

"Over the moon to finally announce that I have joined the cast of Emmerdale- I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at @emmerdale who has made me feel so welcome - I am so so grateful and I am loving every minute of it!" she wrote.

Speaking to the Blackpool Gazette about her debut, she added: "I watched Emmerdale growing up so it was so unbelievable meeting the actors who play the characters I’ve been watching for so many years.

"The character of Gail is very much like me. She’s a bit wacky and is into her music. She’s an old friend of Ryan Stocks who turns up and ends up being a possible love interest. This is my first television role so it was daunting but exciting. I’m hoping it will open new doors."

However, fans think Gail's arrival will only cause trouble for Ryan - and maybe even for Charity.

"I don't trust Gail, there's definitely a reason why she's back other than seeing Ryan #Emmerdale," one viewer mused, whilst a second added: "I think Ryan's friend is after his money or something. #Emmerdale."

Last year, Charity and Ryan became the new owners of The Woolpack, and speaking of their new duty in the village, James said: "I was excited to hear Ryan would be one of the new owners. It’s a big step for him and cements his part in Emmerdale history. I imagine Ryan would have some very good ideas about changing the vibe and energy in the pub and bring a modern touch."

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