Emmerdale welcomed Gail (Rachael Gill-Davis) into the village last night, as the returning character reunited with Ryan (James Moore) after four years away — and fans are certain that they know exactly why she's turned up in the Woolpack.

Rachael, who appeared as Gail in a guest role on the soap back in 2019, joined the soap on a longer-term basis in yesterday's episode, with Gail surprising Ryan by turning up in the village pub.

When Gail was last on the soap, she supported Ryan during his romance with Dawn, however Ryan now single and a co-owner of the Woolpack, fans are sure that Gail doesn't just want to reconnect with an old friend.

"This Gail seems a bit...." one viewer wrote on Twitter, posting a GIF of Homer Simpson looking suspicious.

Meanwhile, another fan said that he "doesn't trust" to returning character, adding: "There's definitely a reason why she's back other then [sic] seeing Ryan #Emmerdale."

"I think Ryan's friend is after his money or something," one viewer added, while another said: "Ryan, don't trust her."

Other viewers struggled to remember Gail from her 2019 debut, with one writing: "So this mysterious girl with Ryan is called Gail? Have we seen her before?"

With tonight's episode of Emmerdale (26th May) seeing Charity catch her son and Gail after the pair spent the night together, it's starting to look as though Ryan is letting his guard down — and that may not be the best idea.

Rachael took to Instagram to announce her return to the soap, writing that she's "over the moon" to be joining the cast.

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Emmerdale who has made me feel so welcome — I am so so grateful and I am loving every minute of it!" she added.

Aside from playing Gail on Emmerdale, Rachael also appeared in Coronation Street as a receptionist in a 2022 episode.

In an interview with the Blackpool Gazette, Rachael said that she'd watched Emmerdale growing up, adding: "So it was so unbelievable meeting the actors who play the characters I’ve been watching for so many years.

"The character of Gail is very much like me. She’s a bit wacky and is into her music. She’s an old friend of Ryan Stocks who turns up and ends up being a possible love interest. This is my first television role so it was daunting but exciting. I’m hoping it will open new doors."

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