Nella Rose has re-joined the I’m A Celebrity... jungle after being rushed to be treated by medics during Tuesday night’s segment (28 November).

The 26-year-old YouTuber was missing in action as Ant and Dec revealed that she was being seen by the show’s medical team.

A spokesperson from ITV has now told The Independent that Rose has officially re-joined the other members on camp after being absent due to a medical emergency.

“During last night’s live broadcast, Nella Rose required medical treatment on site and was deemed unable to take part in the trial. Nella has since re-joined camp,” they said.

At the time, viewers had been voting for the upcoming underwater trail called ‘Trail In Too Deep’.

But during filming, presenters Ant and Dec announced: “Now unfortunately, Nella is being seen by the medic so she’ll be back later, but it means she’s now exempt from this trial.”

The pair then revealed that Hollyoaks actor Nick Pickard and former Ukip leader Nigel Farage would be doing the trial.

Rose showed no signs of illness during the show but at the time, an ITV spokesman said: "For medical reasons, Nella Rose is being treated by the show’s on site medics and will be returning to camp shortly. As a result, she is exempt from the next trial."

Given that Rose will not be taking part in the next Bushtucker Trial fans had a lot to say about it.

“Nella Rose has been exempt from a couple of trials, now seeing the medics got her out of tonight’s. When she has done a trial with someone else she has had the easy job every time. Totally stinks, she is clearly being protected, which undermines the whole point of a public vote,” one user wrote on X/Twitter.

“Nella Rose now exempt after the votes have been counted. What a…FIX!,” another said.

“Bro why is Nella Rose exempt from every trial,” said another viewer.

On Friday night’s episode, Rose took part in the Touchdown of Terror trail. The challenge saw her and Grace Dent – who has now left the jungle – place their heads inside a clear helmet, which was then filled up with critters as the two tried to retrieve footballs from a box.

As more critters were added to Rose’s helmet, she pulled her emergency cord to end her time in the trial, giving the away team a default win.

Later in the Bush Telegraph, Rose said: “I think I’m upset in myself because I came here to face my fears… I’m upset that I couldn’t bring it home for the team but tomorrow we go again.”

Rose has been quite vocal during her time in the jungle, with her and Farage clashing over politics and now as of recently, the two argued over the subject of cultural appropriation.

On Tuesday (28 November), the discussion turned to the way that many members of the camp said the word “water” in a Patois accent. Farage complained, claiming that if a white person was to say the word in that accent, they’d be accused of “cultural appropriation”.

“They criticise when suits,” he said, with Rose replying: “What do you mean, Nigel?”

He responded: “If a white person does a Black accent, that’s considered to be a crime, that they should be cancelled for it.”

“It depends in what context,” Rose explained. “If you’re taking the p***, then you’re taking the p***. If you’re not, then you’re not.”

“Sort of ‘can’t win’ territory,” Farage replied. “Nah, it just depends on the context,” she said.

The other campmates also discussed the conversation between Nella and Nigel, with EastEnders star Danielle Harold saying that she’d found some of the comments Farage had made about immigrants to be “inhumane”.

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm and Saturday at 9.30pm on ITV.

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