ITV News viewers were mindblown when they were shown what the studio looks like in real life.

Fans are used to seeing broadcasters reading out the day's biggest news from a lavish studio.

From home, it looks like the table the reporters present from is located in a square room with floor-to-ceiling windows that lead to a newsroom.

It also seems like the room had white and navy walls with bright lighting and wood flooring.

However, that's furthest from the truth as a behind-the-scenes photo recently appeared on Twitter.

One photo showed the lavish studio with Mary Nightingale with her former co-host Mark Austin at their desk.

The comparison photo showed broadcasters sitting at a desk surrounded by nothing but the greenscreens.

The user who tweeted it wrote: "This always stresses me out."

Others were just as stressed about the studio and rushed to the comment section to share their disbelief.

"No stop are you joking??? Pls tell me you are seriously joking????" one person said.

Another posted: "You’re telling me that it’s not actually real!?"

"STOP IT WHAT?! I thought it was a full-on set not a green screen," one shocked user exclaimed.

Another commented: "Wow! Mind blown. Also: no cleaning required."

Having to rely on technology doesn't always go smoothly as one broadcaster was recently mortified when the camera cut back to her too soon.

The blunder occurred as newsreader Lukwesa Burak introduce a segment away from the studio, saying: "Around the world and across the UK, this is BBC News."

Viewers watched the BBC News logo flash up on the screen before the programme cut to footage of a crowd listening to a bagpipes player.

However, the screen prematurely cut back to the studio just as the newsreader lifted up both her arms, in what appeared to be a stretch, as she said: "Okay."

Lukwesa immediately clocked the camera had returned to her live in the studio and the open-mouthed presenter seemed to be suppressing laughter as she looked down at her notes.

The presenter sat in silence for 30 seconds before continuing with the programme but another technical blunder left viewers unable to hear what she was saying.

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