Zoe Ball and and Deborah Meaden are among the new contestants confirmed to appear on a new year special of Taskmaster.

The BBC Two radio presenter and Dragons’ Den star will appear alongside actor Lenny Rush, naturalist Steve Backshall, and musician Kojey Radical on the comedy gameshow, which airs on Channel 4.

The one-off special, which was announced during the final episode of series 16, will see the five celebrities compete in bizarre challenges to be crowned Taskmaster champion.

A video released on social media showed Ball’s challenge involving blowing a bubble with gum, while Meaden was seen gnawing on a poppadom and Rush’s involved toast.

“We’ll be back with series 17 next year,” an announcement on social media said.

“But before then, the Taskmaster has a little treat in store this New Year…

“See you then, @DeborahMeaden, @KojeyRadical, Lenny Rush, @SteveBackshall & @ZoeTheBall!”

Greg Davies will return to his throne as Taskmaster, alongside Alex Horne who will adjudicate on the new round of hopefuls as they take part in the challenges.

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