Fans of Manifest might still be coming to terms with *that* ending, but Josh Dallas (who plays Ben Stone) just revealed a cut scene from the final episode which could change ther show's future. Eek.

Last Friday [3rd June], the final batch of Manifest season 4 episodes dropped on Netflix, bringing the passengers from Flight 828's journey to a close. As Death Date unfolded, we watched as they were all judged for their sins, with some people burning to ash, and others eventually making it to the light.

But now, actor Josh Dallas has revealed the cast filmed a different scene while on the plane that didn't make the final edit, but could suggest a potential spin-off or further episodes for some characters.

While Ben wasn't actually in the scene, he told TVInsider, "It sort of opens the story a little bit — or a lot — for further journeys to happen. I don’t know what’s happening with that.

"I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen, but if there was ever a Manifest sequel and [show creator] Jeff Rake wanted to write words to put in my dumb mouth, I would be there 100 percent anytime, anywhere he says. And I would hope that it would be with Daryl [Edwards, who plays Vance.]"

On what *actually* happened in the cut scene, he added, "It may or may not take place on the plane and it may or may not include some very pivotal characters to Flight 828.

"It definitely had a character in it that is connected to every single one of those passengers on the plane … and who maybe disappeared at some point in a past season."


Manifest season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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