We know that Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) doesn’t have long to live in EastEnders as the brain tumour she was diagnosed with last year has failed to respond to treatment and nothing more can be done.

Her family and friends were devastated to hear that she only had a short time left to live and none more so than her granddad Billy (Perry Fenwick), who tearfully told her that he’d willingly swap places with her if that was possible.

He was working away from Walford when Lola got the news that she only had a short time left, and she was determined to break it to Billy herself. When he returned to Albert Square and started excitedly talking about plans for them all to go away on a family holiday, Lola told him that it wouldn’t be possible as she only had six months to live at most. Billy was devastated.

In upcoming episodes those close to Lola realise that she only has a few days left and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) calls in a palliative care nurse after Lola suffers a seizure. The nurse confirms that Lola is nearing the end.

He’s soon picking a verbal fight with Nish (Navin Chowdhry), who deliberately winds him up to breaking point. Out of his mind with rage and grief, Billy smashes the window of the Minute Mart and it takes the arrival of Honey (Emma Barton), Martin (James Bye) and Phil (Steve McFadden) to restrain him and get him under control.

Nish wants justice and Phil attempts to buy him off by throwing money at him. Jack (Scott Maslen) arrives to calm things down, but Billy lashes out and accidentally hits Jack in the face as Nish continues to wind him up.

Jack has no option but to arrest Billy. Honey desperately tries to get him out of jail and Phil goes with her to the police station, but Jack explains that it’s all in Nish’s hands. If Nish insists on pressing charges and refuses to drop his witness statement, Billy won’t be released – and may never get the chance to say goodbye to Lola.

Honey and Phil set out to convince Nish to show some compassion. Will they succeed?

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