Emmerdale airs dramatic scenes next week, as well as big bombshells and concern for one village resident.

Caleb Miligan is finally exposed in upcoming scenes, as his link to Frank Tate and his revenge plan against Kim Tate finally comes to light to everyone in the village.

As he makes an enemy of himself to a number of characters, his actions lead to him being pushed off a cliff and left for dead.

While his fate remains unknown, there are several suspects for the crime. Elsewhere, and Charity Dingle is struggling to cope after her recent split.

As she begins to spiral, her worried son Ryan tries to get through to her. Here's the biggest moments of the week ahead on the ITV soap...

Charity spirals

Charity Dingle could once again make a big mistake next week, and events soon see her spiralling.

The character is still struggling following her split with Mackenzie Boyd, after she learned of her husband's betrayal.

Mack slept with Chloe Harris and she fell pregnant, and in April she welcomed their baby boy.

The character kept all of this from Charity but the truth was exposed, leading to their split.

In the fallout it seems Mack has been torn between Chloe and his wife, and next week there's a romance twist.

Charity spots Mack and Chloe getting closer and hits the bottle, while offering Caleb Miligan a drink.

One thing leads to another and as they get close, they end up sleeping together.

While the pair agree to keep their night of passion a secret, Charity ends up using the information to hurt Mack during a row.

Later in the week as she continues to spiral, her worried son Ryan tries to get through to her.

Caleb murdered?

Emmerdale has revealed explosive scenes will air next week, as scheming Caleb Miligan gets his comeuppance.

The villager finds his true identity and revenge plan against Kim Tate exposed, leading to a life-or-death situation for the new villain.

Next week, spoilers reveal the truth all comes flooding out - and Caleb becomes an enemy to several villagers.

It results in the character fighting for his life, as he is pushed off a cliff by another villager in revenge.

Could it be Kim taking the ultimate payback in true Kim style? Or will Cain or Moira take revenge for him ruining their business?

It all kicks off when the villagers turn on Caleb, and the Dingles hold their famous court to determine his village fate.

But Caleb throws a curveball when he reveals he's going nowhere, and it's not long before he's upsetting even more characters.

From taunting Gabby over his lies to leaving Mackenzie Boyd furious as he sleeps with Charity Dingle, Caleb works up quite the suspect list.

Other villagers including Will Taylor and David Metcalfe are also seething and want to make Caleb pay, while Nicky remains AWOL after walking out on Gabby on their wedding day.

As the week draws to a close, someone takes revenge and pushes Caleb off of a cliff, possibly killing him.

Sister Chas Dingle boots him out of the pub, and as he walks away he has no idea he's being followed by a hooded figure.

Heading out to the woodland ridge, Caleb’s blindsided when the unknown figure rushes out and pushes him over the edge.

Caleb is left sprawled out, lifeless, on the ground below - but who pushed him, and will Caleb survive?

Back in the village, a number of suspicious characters all return from mysterious outings - but viewers will have to tune in to find out the culprit.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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