Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) was left in turmoil in EastEnders after pregnant 12-year-old daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) decided that she wanted to quit school to help her family during the rising cost of living crisis.

Lily had been having a hard time dealing with bullies at school following her pregnancy revelation, but things only got worse when fellow students discovered Stacey’s Secret Cams page.

With the cost of living making it difficult to put food on the table, Stacey turned to selling pictures of herself online for a bit of extra cash.

After agreeing to show her face on camera for an extra £100, Stacey’s images ended up being passed round the school, leaving Lily humiliated.

Though Stacey had promised to delete the account. Lily discovered that a group of lads in her class had banded together to pay for a subscription, leaving Stacey to explain that she couldn’t delete anything until the end of the month when her buyers’ subscriptions ran out.

With Lily concerned by how they were going to cope without Stacey’s Secret Cams income, and fed up of being picked on, she decided that she wanted to quit school for good and head out into the work force.

Though Stacey tried too make her see that no one would employ a pregnant 12-year-old, Lily was adamant, leaving Stacey worried.

She later confided in Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) and Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) about Lily’s plans, before admitting that there was a way for her to continue earning money.

Stacey had received an offer from a client to do private live streams just for him, meaning that she would still be able to delete her account whilst still earning some cash.

While Eve and Jean weren’t convinced that lying to Lily about where the money was coming from would be a could idea, Stacey pointed out that she’d rather lie than watch Lily throw her life away.

Will Stacey accept the offer?

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